OPM ZBM Surprise Box

New Surprise box event today boys, let’s take a closer look.


Summarizing the rewards:

Tier 1 (Total)

  • 200k gold
  • 500 Gear Exp cards
  • 15 Parts Supply token
  • 15 Ascend Supply token
  • 10 Epic vouchers
  • 5 costume cards
  • 5 SSR Omni chest
  • 2 Orange Parts Soul Chest (zbm core)

Tier 2 (Total)

  • 25 costume cards
  • 42 RND badge chest II
  • 1000 Crystal [S]
  • 400 Crystal Core
  • 4 Reborn Sigil chest (zbm core)
  • 40 Orange Gear[S]
  • 15 ZBM shards
  • 3 Orange Parts Core Chest (zbm core)

So the main highlight is obviously the core parts for the ZBM core, as well as the shards (15 + 5omni=20). The tokens and vouchers are nice, but nothing mind-blowing. The 2 orange gears are mehhh, especially if you get DEF.

How it works is that you must clear the whole Shelf/Tier 1, before you can go on to draw Shelf/Tier 2. So it’s not like a lucky draw that can advance you to the next stage like the Halloween pumpkin thingy.

Let’s assume max draw, which is usually almost the case.
Tier 1 – 60 draws
Tier 2 – 75 draws

Each draw costs 1 gift card, which costs 88 gems.

Max draw = (60+75) * 88gems = 11,880 gems

Let’s say if you’re patient (admit it you’re not) and you will do all the quests to get the free gift cards. In total, you’re only going to get 16 gift cards free, so that’s only going to save you 1408 gems. You still need 10,472 gems for max draw.


The big question is, is it worth it?

Let’s first take a look at the ZBM Core Level 4. Not touching on lv10 because you’re definitely not hitting that anytime soon, but you can check it out in the unit skills page.

Advanced core lv1: Heals your team for 4% HP for 2 rounds whenever any unit takes action

Advanced core lv4: Grants 1 energy if there is internally injured enemy character (once per round only).

Soooo… the advanced core will actually give you up to 5 energy per round (2 from injury/int.injury, 2 from tenacity, and 1 from int.injury only). Which is pretty good, IF you have internal injury units.

This event will only give you 2 reborn soul, and 3 reborn core, 4 reborn sigils (1 or 2). And no Reborn Chip I/II. So firstly you might not even be able to level to Lv 2 because you’re missing Reborn Chips.

Let’s imagine if you do have them. The max you’re only going to be level up is to Lv 3, due to having only 3 reborn cores. (1 for Lv1 and Lv2, then at Lv3 you will need 3 to move to Lv 4).

This means that you’re not going to be Lv4, and you’re not getting instant value after spending 11.8k gems. No huge BP boost, no unique core skills, nothing.

Let’s imagine you have been pulling your parts supply tokens and you are able to hit Lv4 ZBM core anyways. Do you have a unit that can inflict Internal Injury to take advantage of the core? Most likely no. Right now there’s only Bakuzan and Silverfang. Only Silverfang is viable, and chances are if you have ZBM, you skipped SF.

Plus the energy flow for now is still pretty ok, you shouldn’t be energy starved if your LU is correct and you use the correct abilities at the right time. So this 1 extra energy wouldn’t make a huge difference at this time.


Personally I am skipping it, and would advise F2Ps to skip it as well. Save your gems for the next KS event!

If you have a lot of spare gems and you need the shards to 4/5* limit break him, go ahead. I’m not saying it’s a bad deal, just that there are better events to spend your gems on.

PS: The gift cards carry over and do not expire, so do the quests and save them for the next surprise box.

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