awakened geryu


Finally we see a new core after Bomb, and it’s also the very first SSR+ Core.

Awakened Geryu SSR+ (Esper/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: Deal single target 120% ATK
Ultimate: Requires 0 energy to activate ult. 5 hits 120% ATK to all enemies, grants allies in same row [Enhanced Berserk] for 1 round (First hit deals CRIIT-able [Berserk DMG] equal to 200% of Geryu’s ATK). For each enemy hit with this [Berserk DMG], reduce 150 of own energy.
Passive: Start of battle, reduce all enemy heroes by 30% ATK for 1 round. 2nd round onwards, apply 35% injury resistance to self. (Note that injury resistance reduces charge DMG, so its not a useless buff)

5 hits 120% ATK > 150%
Grants berserk to allies in same row > to ALL allies

Extreme Passive: Reduce all enemies by 30% ATK for 2 consecutive rounds, apply 45% injury resistance to self.
P5: Start of battle, reduce all enemies by 40% ATK for 2 consecutive rounds, apply 50% injury resistance to self.

Basic Core Effect: Gain 3 energy per round (1 Grappler, 2 Esper)

Advance Core Effect: When receiving fatal damage, gains [Enhanced Unyielding] (ignores anti-unyielding) and (immune DMG), after any 4 unit takes action, the effect is released and allies heal 100% of HP, triggered twice per battle (2 Grappler 2 Esper)
TLDR: All allies have extra 2 lives

Awakened Basic & Advanced Core Effect: Each round gain 3 energy, the accompany support character follow up will gain extra one energy, triggers once each round.


So apparently there are some changes to stuns and DoT in CN, they will now have a 50% to penetrate ‘immune’ effects. So for SSR+ CE DoT immunity, will be 50%, as well as SSR+ MB Stun immunity 50%.

This now makes ATT and GW slightly more viable.

Credits to Lance, watch the vid below!

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