Extreme Silverfang (Grappler/Hero) [Class S2]

Basic: Single target 2 hit 120% ATK. Triggers [Combo Attack]
Ultimate: 5 hit AOE 300% ATK. 100% chance to inflict 3 random enemies with [Internal Injury]. Triggers [Combo Attack]
Passive: At start of battle, increases own RES by 20%. 30% chance to activate [Evade] (Reduce direct/extra/charge/berserk DMG to 1 DMG)

Awaken Passive: Whenever Bang attacks, summons Bomb to [Combo Attack] with a similar attack:
Basic – deals 100% ATK to random enemy
Ult – 3 hit AOE 180% ATK
[Combo Attack] uses Bang’s ATK stat as DMG (Bomb don’t need to be in your team)

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