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This guide is aimed at F2P players simply because they need to choose who to save BTs and pull. If you’re P2W, just buy every LSSR 😛


F2P: Pull if you focus on Monster, or you really like him. But make sure you have enough for Gyoro (tentative Apr) – core units are most important.
If you don’t have ZBM, skip Gouketsu and get ZBM during comeback.


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: AoE DPS / Pseudo tank / Self-heal / Tenacity+Healing support Boost
Type: Grappler / Monster
Meta Duration: I would say his use is situational due to his passive, probably at least 6 months more? Might have synergy with SSR Amai, but will probably start to slowly fall off during ATT/Genos period.


Basic: 1-hit 120% damage to one foe, and 100% chance to inflict Internal Injury to that foe (deals 100% of Gouketsu’s ATK as damage when foe is attacked again – effect disappears after foe is hit)
Ultimate: Deal 180% AOE Damage to all enemy and heal himself by 20%.
Passive: Whenever received non-critical damage, it will reduce by 30%. First 2 round, Gouketsu and ally that surround him will gain 70% boost for in Tenacity and Healing Rate.
AoE ATK 180% > 210%
Extreme-Passive: TBC


Suggested gear: Knight (ATK/SPD or ATK%)



  • Quite versatile – able to DPS, ‘tank’ and self-heal, and also team support via his passive
  • Very strong in the current meta, especially PvP due to his passive and AoE/self-heal. 70% boost in Tenacity (from TTM/Flashy/Alloy/SF) and healing rate! (from ZBM/CK/Melz) (surrounding allies only)
  • Rather tanky due to his passive (reduce dmg by 30% if non-critical), and self-heals (20% from ult)
  • Even stronger in Monster side battles (Tournament/Peak), as Monsters currently do not have any AoE, so Gouketsu will be the first strong one. Hence he can easily clear all Genus clones and also damage the usual monster backline like Groribas/VM/BK that’s so hard to reach behind a strong CK.
  • Basic attack procs internal injury if you need it
  • Has slight synergy with Gyoro due to being a monster to tank some damage and self-heal (If the ally that is in the same column as Gyoro Gyoro is a Monster ally, they will redirect 50% of the damage Gyoro Gyoro takes to themselves). He is actually quite often used with Gyoro and Phoenixman/VM as well!
  • Great for PvE as well, esp when the shield and heal boost is much needed. Great for Club boss Boros!


  • Weak to crit/burst attackers (eg TT) as his passive will not trigger the 30% dmg reduction
  • He is a Grappler type, and Grappler resources are already hard to come by, especially if you’re also levelling Garou/CK/SF/TTM/AM/BK/Alloy on the side – Yup you get the point
  • He is good, but there are other better LSSRs coming as well. If you pull him, you might not have enough BTs to pull the upcoming powerhouses, such as Gyoro, Genos SSR, RMG, ATT, WDM, etc
    • Especially so if you focus on Monster. The upcoming LSSRs are all monsters from now on until Genos so you need to spend your BTs wisely. (Phoenixman, Gyoro, RMG). Phoenixman is especially strong if you focus monster as he is the only unyielding revival monster, so very useful in all PvE like HxM.
  • His 2 round passive boost only applies to allies surrounding him for only 2 rounds, so benefits are somewhat limited – you need to position properly


He’s good, and some people like him from the anime. If you really like him and play the game for him, go ahead and pull! If not for the back-to-back upcoming strong LSSRs, I think he is a great pull for F2Ps.

Also do note that Feb is the comeback for ZBM as well. If you don’t have him yet, I 100% recommend pulling ZBM first, then save for Gyoro core. ZBM’s heal and revival (up to 6 times with 5stars) is always a core for PvE which you will find critical for Elder Centipede, Club boss Boros and more! Always prioritise PvE as you gain more rewards from it than PvP.

If you miss this ZBM comeback, no one knows when he will be back, so you might not see him in a long while. Even if you miss Gyoro/RMG or even Gouketsu, you can always pull them in their future comeback.

Personally, I am skipping Gouketsu as I am saving for Gyoro/RMG for now!

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Gouketsu could very well be a homage to Street Fighter. He seems to have a combination of the names Gouken and Goutetsu of the Street Fighter series, and holds a physical resemblance to many of the characters, wearing a Gi outfit with torn sleeves.

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