zombieman comeback


If you already have him, then no.
If you don’t, then it depends.
Yes if you also have enough to pull Gyoro and RMG.
If not, then you have to choose between using the new latest core, or losing ZBM core for the foreseeable future.


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Tank, Healer, Single Target DPS, Core, Revive
Type: Duelist/ Hero
Meta Duration:
PvP wise (all team), he will fade when Gyoro core is out (speculated Gyoro in Mar 2021).
However for Hero PvP, he will probably still be the go-to core.
For PvE, he is a staple and won’t go out of meta for the foreseeable future due to his revives.


This post is mainly for people who do not have ZBM yet. If you already have him, then save your BTs for future LSSRs, we are speculating Gyoro for Mar which is also another must-have.

And if you don’t have him, you would probably have experienced the sheer frustration of falling behind in PvP, and not being able to progress as high in PvE (eg Elder Centipede, Club Boss Boros, Nightmare CC higher floors etc). To me, he is a must have for PvE due to his revive and healing.

HOWEVER, as good as he is, there are a bunch of other crazy strong LSSRs coming up, including the speculated Gyoro next month. Drawing ZBM is good if you don’t have him, but drawing him at a comeback is not an ideal place to be as he is slowly going off-meta.

Gyoro core arguably is a decent PvE core as well, but it’s good in a whole different aspect in terms of HP sustain, especially for the first 2 rounds. ZBM is a totally different mechanic that he revives up to 4x (up to 6x at 5*, but you’re probably not even going to hit 5* if you draw at comeback). Moreover, Gyoro is a monster core, so you will still probably use ZBM core for Heroes side, at least for PvP. Ideally you will need both.

Some will argue that Phoenixman also have revive and can sub ZBM. Well if you’re drawing Gyoro, chances are you probably won’t have enough to draw Phoenixman. Not to mention you 100000000% need to save ur BTs for RMG in June(?), and possibly ATT or SSR Amai. Lots of cool units coming up, plan your BTs carefully!


  • Super strong for PvE due to healing and revive mechanic
    • Essential for certain PvE modes to progress higher such as Club Boss Boros, Nightmare CC, HxM, etc
  • Strongest injury damage (basic atk) in the game so far
  • AoE team heals, coupled with Ling Ling will be strong for certain situations
  • He will still be the main Hero core even if you have Gyoro core (until Bomb core for PvP. CE may still find uses for certain PvE situations)
  • He still has his uses even without using his core, useful even as a front tank that can revive 4-6x and aoe heals from his ult, esp for PvE
  • It’s his comeback banner, so no one knows when he will be back, if ever. You still can pull Gyoro on his comeback, better late than never but you will be behind for awhile again (this will keep happening as long as you don’t save enough BTs for core units. Save up for Bomb too!)
  • Can be used as a pseudo-counter for RMG if you really need to, eg for arena (Phoenixman works better but just saying), but he isn’t very ideal at the back though


  • There is absolutely no con about him per se, it’s just the timing of his banner isn’t so ideal considering the shifting meta and upcoming LSSRs.
    • The comeback is also a con, since you’re already so late, drawing him now may not make the best sense, especially if you don’t have enough to draw Gyoro
    • Too close to Gyoro and other strong LSSRs (RMG, PX, ATT, etc)
    • His core requires 3 Grapplers, which by now we are kind of already shifting to Espers meta, so might not be ideal if you don’t already have strong grapplers ready
    • ZBM is at his max potential at 5 stars (allowing him to revive 6x instead of 4x!), but if you draw him at this stage it will be hard for you to 5* him at all considering all the extreme training you need to save for other LSSRs and omnishards reserved for RMG etc. TLDR – He won’t be utilized at his max potential, not for a while at least


Nope. Skip! Save ur Black Shurikens for RMG KS.

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


 Zombieman’s trench coat possesses special properties allowing him to carry a lot of various weapons with him at all times, including a Desert Eagle, S&W 500 revolver, Beretta, Glock, Long-bearded Axe and 2 machetes.

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