Hellfire G4 Keepsake


  • 24 – 27 Feb
  • If you’re a whale looking to 5P Hellfire then get his KS.
  • F2Ps can opt for G4’s KS if you have enough spare gems, for PVE bossing content.


Hellfire – Not recommended for F2Ps, only whales. He’s mostly used for his passive, not ult. The only reason to get the KS is to 5P him for his passive, which is too expensive for most F2Ps.

Ultimate: 3 hits front row for DMG equal to 30% of the Main Target’s MAX HP (DMG cannot be more than 30% of Hellfire’s MAX HP). 100% chance to deal [Burn] on main target for 2 rounds(100% ATK).
Passive: At the start of round, grants [Orange Tenacity] (allows [Tenacity] and [Resilience] effects to absorb [DOT], [Injury], [Internal Injury] and [Charge] type attacks) to self, column ally, and 1 other random ally for 2 rounds. (Limit break4: Cross-shaped). At the start of every round, absorb up to 20% of Hellfire’s MAX HP for self and column ally (effect gone if Hellfire dies)

Dmg target Max HP 30% > 40%
Dmg cannot be more than self Max HP 30% > 40%
5P Passive:
Grants Orange Tenacity to ALL allies for 3 rounds
Absorb HP% > 30%

G4 – If you have spare gems, then I would recommend to. His KS brings a lot of utility for PVE bossing, with shatter at 40% (the only other contender is CE with KS also at 40%), as well as weaken at 45%.

Ultimate: 3 hits single attack and deal 240% damage and 100% apply shatter (take more damage by 30%), and when critical procs, will apply [Weaken, deal 25% less damage].
Passive: For every type of debuff enemy had, [Charge-Up] itself. (when attacking, deals 117% of ATK as Charge-Up attack, up to 3 stacks). When there is a [Shattered] enemy unit, self enter [Tenacity] (absorbs 20% of own max HP, every round up to one time).
3hits atk 240% > 300%
Shatter take more dmg 30% > 40%
Weaken 25% > 45%


If you intend on pulling him, please have a reserve of 16.8k diamonds – that’s the max draw cost. I wouldn’t recommend you pulling if you have less than that. And also don’t forget you need another 7920 diamonds to buy LSSR BTs when the next month comes.

  • Tier 1 – Hellfire/G4
  • Tier 2
    • Hero Omni
    • Monster Omni
    • Ascend Tickets (use during SAC rate-up)
  • Tier 3
    • SAC
    • Core Power M
    • Core Power H
    • whatever you need (Crystal core/crystal/awaken chips)
  • Tier 4
    • Skill refining guide
    • Formula Chest
    • KS Exp card
    • Insignia Exp card
    • Not recommended:
      • DISK chest – you’ll eventually have an overflow of it due to being gated by core powers
  • Tier 5
    • RND Book Chest
    • Gear exp card (for upgrading gears, gets super expensive later on)
    • RND Disk I Chest
    • Exp Soda III
    • Battle Chips
    • Elite Formula Core
    • Gear Token
    • Basic skill book
    • Feel free to go for any others you might be lacking, eg research papers

Pro-Tip: Finish up the game coin quests, as the game coins carry do not expire and carry over to the next claw machine. So you can save up coins for a claw machine KS that you might want in the future.

Clawmachine rates
20th 180
19th 150
18th 140
17th 130
16th 120
15th 110
14th 110
13th 100
12th 100
11th 100
10th 80
9th 80
8th 60
7th 60
6th 50
5th 30
4th 30
3rd 20
2nd 20
1st 10
TOTAL 16800

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