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For players who don’t have him – If you have spare tickets, then why not! He has his uses, read below for more info. If you do not have 180 tickets then do not pull.

For players who have him – If you lots of spare tickets, you can opt to pull him to get shards for limit-break, since you will almost not have any chance to extreme train him.

G4 (Hi-Tech/Monster)

Basic: Attacks a single target with 2 consecutive strike, dealing 140% of ATK (+x) DMG, 100% chance to inflict [Shatter] on target, last for 2 round (DMG increase by 15%)
Ultimate: 3 hits single attack and deal 240% damage and 100% apply shatter (take more damage by 30%), and when critical procs, will apply [Weaken, deal 25% less damage].
Passive: For every type of debuff enemy had, [Charge-Up] itself. (when attacking, deals 117% of ATK as Charge-Up attack, up to 3 stacks). When there is a [Shattered] enemy unit, self enter [Tenacity] (absorbs 20% of own max HP, every round up to one time).
3hits atk 240% > 300%
Shatter take more dmg 30% > 40%
Weaken 25% > 45%

Charge DMG 117% > 130%


  • 100% Shatter for both basic (15%) and ult (30%/40% with KS)
  • 25%/45% with KS atk Weaken on ult crits which is useful for extra survivability on certain bosses like club boss Garou or Elder Centipede, and future HxM bosses
  • Charge-up DMG procs when using Basic too (no need to ult)
  • Free self-tenacity increases his survival, which also synergizes with Bomb core
  • Fills Hi-Tech slot for Training Center if you don’t have Genos/DK
  • Needs minimal investment to work, 3* is fine
  • One of the few non-hero Hi-Tech, which might help in certain scenarios (eg when fighting club boss Garou you want as little Heroes as possible due to his follow-up chance)


  • Not so useful in PVP – it helps in your Monster pvp if your monster team sucks
  • Usually almost always needs to ult to get the most value from him (for higher shatter rate + weaken), but you can just opt to basic attack to still get a lower shatter
  • Need team support to build up debuffs to increase his charge-up dmg
  • Even at Max charge-up stacks, dmg is still lower than other stronger PVE LSSRs like Boros, RMG, etc
  • Needs to gear crit if you want a higher chance for weaken


He is mainly best used for PVE single target bosses that you are struggling to survive with. His main highlight would be his 100% chance to shatter, and his high weaken (45% with KS!).

Some argue that SSR CE is better, that might be true in some cases but G4 also has its niche.

  • For example, CE’s shatter chance is not 100% but based on crit, so that can be annoying if you don’t land shatter at turn 1
  • Secondly, CE’s shatter rate is only 30%, and I doubt most F2Ps have his KS to increase the rate to 40%. Whereas G4’s KS was previously released in Claw Machine and is somewhat ‘free’ using gems. I’m also expecting it to re-appear in this month’s Claw Machine once again
  • CE has berserk, but a dead DPS is zero DPS. Sometimes you need survivability more than DPS, such as HxM etc. Hence G4 with a 45% weaken would definitely be more useful in such cases. If you have no issues surviving, then having CE with berserk for Follow-ups (RMG/Gale etc) might better.
  • G4 can actually deal some pretty serious damage and hits pretty hard too (240% ATK + charge-up dmg!)
  • Last but not least, in content where you have multiple teams (like event bosses with 3 teams), you can always use both CE and G4 in different teams, so they’re not always mutually exclusive!

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