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TLDR: Definitely aim for the Sigil Box V under Rose. If you’re building Bakuzan’s core lv10 and have spare gems, feel free to get the parts under Lily and Tulip.


Basically as you do stuff in the game, you’ll get rewarded with flowers.

  • Lily – 20% chance to get when clearing main stage stages, heroic stages and boss challenges
  • Tulip – 50% chance to get when clearing conqueror’s challenge, unnatural disaster and talent perfection
  • Rose – 100% chance to get when clearing extreme training

After obtaining the flowers, simply drag the flower below Amai to the purple bar at the bottom.

Notable rewards:

  • Brutal Soul – Gift Lily 150x
  • Orange gear shards – Gift Tulip 60x/80x/100x
  • Brutal Core – Gift Tulip 140x
  • Sigil Box V – Gift Rose 36x (if you do 3x ET per day for 7 days, you’ll just need to buy 15 more roses = 750gems)

You can also simply buy them from the mall at a small gem price.

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