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1 Feb – 1 Mar


Definitely finish the quests to lv18 at least. A free SSR+ is HUGE, plus Bakuzan is a really strong unit considering he’s ‘free’. Great for Live clash, and also a very strong addition to your monster team.

It lasts 30 days so you have plenty of time to do this, no need to rush. There’s really no need to do extra of anything like Extreme challenge, doing 3 per day is more than enough to complete the quest. Just make sure you slowly buy daily stam and vit to as that’s the one gated by daily. (you can buy many at a go but it will be very expensive).

You only need 18 cells to get Bakuzan, so complete Phase 1+2 and 1 or 2 quests from Phase 3.

You only need 30 cells for the last reward, so you may skip 2 cells (can skip the 20k gems one i guess).

For F2Ps playing the longgggg game, I highly recommend you to NOT fuse Bakuzan, but to save the monster evolution stones, as well as buy all packs (gem only) that has evo stones. This way, you easily have at least 6 monster evo stones (I can’t see Phase3 and 4 packs yet) that you can use for future monster SSR+, like CK and Geryu. This will help your BT tremendously and give you a huge advantage if you don’t mind not having SSR+Bakuzan.

SSR+ BAKUZAN (Grappler/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: 2 hit single target for 140% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks column of enemy, deals 200% per layer as [Bide] dmg. (When there are 2 layers, there is a 40% chance to increase to 3 layers).
Passive: Before any units take action, remove all ATK buffing effects from 3 random enemy units.
SSR+AwakenPassive: When you take fatal damage, revive with 70% HP on the next round. Gains Tenacity upon revival (absorbs up to 50% Max HP of DMG). Activates once per battle.


Simply complete the quests in each phase to get Monster Cells, which will correspond to the bottom progress bar to get the 4 evolution stones and 1 awakening stone. You can also continue for the last 2 rewards which give an additional 35 shards for quicker limit-break. But if you just want to get him you can stop at 18!

Each Phase has 8 monster cells, so 4 phases is 32 cells.

You only need 18 to get Bakuzan, and 30 if you want all rewards, so this means you can skip 2 cells.

Phase 1:

  • Extreme training 9x
  • Conqueror’s Challenge 100x
  • Buy Stamina 20x
  • Consume 5000 gems
  • Total activity reaches 500
  • Login 1x

Phase 2:

  • Extreme training 18x
  • Conqueror’s Challenge 200x
  • Buy Vit 20x
  • Consume 10000 gems
  • Total activity reaches 1000
  • Login 6x

Phase 3:

  • Extreme training 36x
  • Conqueror’s Challenge 300x
  • Buy Stamina 40x
  • Consume 15000 gems
  • Total activity reaches 1500
  • Login 12x

Phase 4:

  • Extreme training 54x
  • Conqueror’s Challenge 400x
  • Buy Vit 40x
  • Consume 20000 gems
  • Total activity reaches 2000
  • Login 18x


Alternatively if you’re lazy, or if you want more resources to awaken2 him, there are packs at each phase to buy, both with money and gems.

Gem packs that have Monster Evo stones are a must buy.

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