This guide is aimed at F2P players simply because they need to choose who to save BTs and pull. If you’re P2W, just buy every LSSR 😛


F2P: If you’re low on BTs, then I would not recommend CE as there are better upcoming SSR+. However if you have spare, then go ahead! All the SSR+s are strong in their own way. Just make sure to at least save for Geryu core.

This is the start of the SSR+ era, and there is also a different drawing mechanism. Here’s a guide on how that works!

As an F2P, it is too expensive to Awaken Passive 2 any SSR+, so I will not talk about that. I would rather you pull multiple SSR+ units than to AP2 one SSR+.


Role: AOE DPS / Row Support (anti-debuff + crit) / Follow-up with Doggo / Heals via Doggo / Reduce Max HP
Type: Hi-Tech / Hero (S2)
Meta Duration:
If you’re using him as main AOE DPS, then pretty long! Due to his Follow-up and heals and buffs, he is still very much usable in all content. It really depends more on what SSR+ you plan to pull in future that might replace him.


Basic: 2 hit single target for 120% ATK
Ultimate: 5 hit AOE of 250% ATK and reduces max HP by 20% of all enemies for 2 rounds.
Passive: At start of battle, increases 25% crit rate to self and same row for 2 rounds. Grants permanent immunity to burn/force field/injury/internal injury to self and his row.*
SSR+ Awaken Passive: At start of battle, summon robot dog (100% ATK of CE). After allies take action, robot dog will followup on lowest HP enemy (200% ATK) as EXTRA DMG and heal lowest HP allt by 25% HP.

Ult ATK 250% > 300%
Reduce max HP 20% > 30%

CRIT rate 25% > 30%
5P Passive:
CRIT rate >35%

*NOTE: I want to point out that in the game album itself which you can also check, it says that he only grants himself the immunity against debuffs, not his row. However in CN, it also applies to his row, so this might just be a typo. However if it’s not, then his value will seriously fall off. We can only confirm when he is out. Looks like it’s properly updated now and extends correctly to his row.


Suggested gear:

ATK% and CRIT% gear.

Recommended set is Primal/Gunner

Buff Gear:

Hero ATK – ATK%
Hi-Tech ATK- CRIT%
S-Class – ATK/DMG Rate



  • First SSR+ in the game so everyone is pumped!
  • Strongest AOE DPS (for SSR+) so far in terms of 6-hit. If you don’t have a strong AOE DPS (like ATT), then you might want to get him since you’ll need a strong AOE carry
  • Provides immunity against debuffs (most notably ForceField) to himself and his row*
  • If you like Follow-up or play a Follow-up lineup, his robot doggo does just that. And not only that, he also heals the lowest ally by 25%HP!
  • His doggo stays alive for a certain amount of time even if CE dies, and he will still continue his Follow-ups
  • Synergizes well with Hellfire to make your team super tanky
  • He’s a Hi-Tech, and not many good Hi-Techs available if you don’t have DK (most of the rest are just there for utility such as Lightning Genji/Genus). So he fills up the Hi-Tech spot well
  • If you did not pull DK, then you should have plenty of Hi-Tech resources to level him


  • There is now a 50% DoT piercing in place, meaning that the immunity has only 50% chance to block ForceField (excluding other factors such as Res)
  • SSR+ pulling system so no more ‘gacha in 30x’ scenarios. The minimum (which is highly unlikely) is already at 120BTs, you’ll probably average 180-240BTs to just pull, so gamblers will be at a disadvantage here. Only pull if you have enough! (and sometimes even enough is not enough, you can go above 240BTs if you’re unlucky!)
  • Upcoming SSR+ are just as good, if not better. Don’t forget to definitely save up for SSR+ Geryu for core
  • As with most SSR+, the gap with and without KS is huge
  • *IF the anti-debuff for himself is not a typo and it’s really only for himself, then his value in terms of support drops quite a bit


I’m a simple man, if I have a lot of BTs, I will definitely pull him. However as F2P, you need to decide what you really like and want to focus on. It’s totally ok if you want to pull CE, just know that you will have to sacrifice other units in this case.

Personally I am skipping (because I pulled Sonic for the speed so not a lot of BTs), and will save up for CK and Geryu at least.

Check out the SSR+ guide here!


An Underdog Man appears as a dog-like humanoid robot and is given orders by Child Emperor remotely. Underdog Man No. 22 was destroyed during his fight against Eyesight. They come from small black balls out of Child Emperor’s backpack and morph into the robot.

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