27 Feb 2022 to 23 Apr 2022

NOTE: I refer to Psykos as Gyoro because I’m used to it. Psykos is the female form, while Gyoro is the meat puppet pinky. I also refer Gyoro as “him”, as stated in the fandom OPM wiki and also because he has a somewhat male sounding voice. If you don’t agree then you can go change the OPM wiki 😛


If you don’t mind spending on the game, HBU is always the best bang for your money in terms of all the rewards that you will get. It’s ‘cheap’ for an LSSR if you want to put it this way. But cheap for a game? Not really, you could buy most PC games for $39USD for example.

For Day1 Players – If you focus on Monster team and haven’t really got a chance to level up Gyoro (due to Genos/RMG extreme training), this is your chance to get him to 4*/5* without spending omnis or gems (just RL money :D). Since you already have the unit, you don’t have to get all 80 shards, so feel free to just buy the basic cheap stick.

For New Players – If you missed the Gyoro banner, you can get him if you want but do take note that his meta life won’t be very long, since we are expecting SSR+Geryu core to be coming soon in around 4-6months+, which is actually pretty similar time span between Gyoro and Bomb previously. He will be a good core upgrade from DSK/Genus/MG core, as well as content with multiple teams requiring 3 cores.

Click here for the HBU Guide


  • Gyoro shards (total 80 over 200 lvls)
  • Gyoro figurine
  • Gyoro badge
  • SPD 33 LC Rune (lv199)
  • Dragon badge (lv150)
  • Lightning Genji KS (lv10)
  • SSR wristbands, which is a currency for you to exchange LSSR shards and awaken materials

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