28 Feb – 28 Mar 2022

TLDR: Do your usual daily login stuff, and spend gems to earn enough points!


Super pumped because the rewards are getting better and better, especially for F2Ps. It’s a good sign and let’s hope it continues!

This marks the very first time they are giving out a ‘free’ permanent character figure, especially for a new unit. Usually you have to buy backup stick, or hit 3/5* in the banner. If not then during events but on a 14 days timer. So this is pretty huge.

  • 80 pts – 6 Ascend Supply tix
  • 100 pts – 2 BS
  • 200 pts – Permanent Character Figure for SSR+ CE OR Bakuzan
  • 300 pts – 2 BT
  • 400 pts – SR Death Gatling

Death Gatling (Duelist/Hero)

Basic: Attacks a single target with 3 consecutive strikes for 120% ATK.
Ultimate: Attacks each enemy in a row with 5 consecutive strikes that deal 250% ATK dmg. Has a 75% chance to inflict Shatter on the main target for 2 rounds (incoming dmg increased by 35%). Has a 75% chance to inflict Shatter on remaining targets in the same row for 2 rounds (incoming dmg increased by 30%).
Passive: Reduces Crit Res Rate of enemies with Shatter by 25% for 2 rounds.


Simply complete the quests to earn points, it’s pretty similar to the Bakuzan event.

1Daily Login28 (1×28 days)
5Activity reaches 80 daily140 (5×28 days)
20Conqueror’s Challenge 100x every week80 (20×4 weeks)
30Activity reaches 500 every week120 (30×4 weeks)
50Spend 5000 gems every week200 (50×4 weeks)
200Spend 30000 gems during event200

As you can see it’s quite easy to hit 400 points. Just by doing the daily stuff (like login, activity etc), you can get

28+140+120 = 288 pts.

Then from buying your daily stamina/vit, and your 2 banners of BT will easily let you hit the 5000gems weekly quest 3x for 150 pts, which is more than enough to hit 400 pts. Just remember to spread out your gem spending by week as the gem spend above 5000 will NOT continue to count for the following week.

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