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29 Jan to 26 Mar 2023


If you don’t mind spending on the game, HBU is always the best bang for your money in terms of all the rewards that you will get.

Now that we are seeing SSR+ in HBU, it’s important to take note what you can get. You just need lv160 for the Awakening Stone. Hence you only just need to buy the cheap purple stick (and grind out every quest). Unfortunately, there’s zero evolution stones in the rewards, so you’ll have to use those you pull from BTs to fuse. This is not the ideal situation as you want to save up ES for the upcoming meta SSR+ that you’ll pull. Hence you’re not really getting a new hero for free as you’ll still have to spend some stones. You can also exchange one Evolution Stone in the store with wristbands, so I would say that is probably the best use of HBU currently (but use the ES on new units! not the HBU unit)

For Boros+, he’s alright and still usable, but I would say definitely not worth wasting monster ES on him. He’s probably only going to be used for PVE (mainly bossing), and for his support (share damage). With TTM+ out this month, his share damage will be useless in PVP. And if you’re concerned about PVE, Groribas+ will be a much better option anyway, so I would rather save ES for him.

Click here for the HBU Guide


  • Lv1 – Boros+ figurine
  • Lv1 – Boros+ badge
  • Lv3 – SPD36 LC Rune
  • Lv150 – Dragon Badge
  • Lv160 – Boros+ AS (Awakening Stone). This is the main item required to fuse CE+, but unfortunately the HBU does not reward you with any Hero Evolution stones so you have to use those you pull from BTs.
  • Lv199 – SPD 39 LC Rune
  • Lv200 – Red Sketch fragment x20
  • Boros+ shards at various intervals

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