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I’ve got some requests for a guide on this event, so here it is.

It’s a simple “Complete Task X” to get rewards and complete the phase.

TLDR: Yes do it


The rewards are as follows:

  • Phase 1
    • Sigil Chest III
    • Ascend Supply Token x2
    • 20k gold
  • Phase 2
    • Reset lock x3
    • Parts Supply Token x2
    • 30k gold
  • Phase 3
    • Formula Chest x10
    • Elite Formula Core x100
    • 50k gold
  • Phase 4
    • Formula Chest x20
    • Elite Formula Core x200
    • 50k gold
  • Phase 5
    • DMG Sigil Chest IV
    • Reset lock x5
    • 100k gold

It may not look very attractive at first, but you’re getting a lot of value for almost doing nothing (most of the tasks are your daily sweeps). And this is on top of all the other items that you get for each individual quest.

If you complete all the phases, you get 250k gold, a DMG Sigil 4 (which if you get Sharp Sword is already super worth it), a Sigil 3, materials for buff gears and some parts/ascend tokens. Last but not least you also get 8 Reset Locks used for keeping the stats you want when resetting a buff gear. These locks already cost 200gems each in the mall, so you’re already getting a gem value of 1600gems from these.

All right! I’m sold, what do I have to do?


Simply complete the given tasks in each phase. Do note that all progress made in the previous phase will be carried on to the next phase, so don’t worry about completing the current phase first.

Phase 1:

  1. Host/Join Party(M) x3
  2. Gear materials x10
  3. Home Req x6
  4. Extreme Training x4
  5. Use Vit x200
  6. Awakening Trial x8

Phase 2:

  1. Elite pull x10
  2. Buy from Mystery Shop x6
  3. Home Req x12
  4. Extreme Training x8
  5. Use Vit x400
  6. Awakening Trial x16

Phase 3:

  1. Research Materials x20
  2. Buy Vit x6
  3. Home Req x18
  4. Extreme Training x12
  5. Use Vit x600
  6. Awakening Trial x24

Phase 4:

  1. Gear Materials x20
  2. Buy Stam x15
  3. Home Req x24
  4. Extreme Training x14
  5. Use Vit x800
  6. Awakening Trial x32

Phase 5:

  1. Elite pull x20
  2. Buy Stam x20
  3. Arena Win x40
  4. Extreme Training x18
  5. Use Vit x1000
  6. Awakening Trial x40

What you will need to do outside your daily activities will be the following (IN TOTAL):

  • Use Gear Materials (Ascend Supply Tokens) x20 (If you wait till the last day you only need to use x13 as you get 1 free daily)
  • Use Elite tickets x20
  • Buy from Mystery shop x6
  • Use Research Materials (Parts Supply Tokens) x20 (If you wait till the last day you only need to use x13 as you get 1 free daily)
  • Do extra 5 arena for 1 day (so just 300 gems more, plus you get the arena rewards like omnishard chest). You need 40 total Arena Wins, so assuming you sweep and win 5 arena daily, 7 days gives you 35 wins, hence you just need to gem up for 5 more wins once to get the required total 40 wins.
  • Buy VIT x6 (so just do 1 day you should be fine)
  • You should be buying stam at least 3x anyway (0, 25, 25), but putting it here in case it’s not in your daily to-do

The rest of the tasks you should be able to hit just by doing your daily sweeps, spending VIT and buying stamina etc.


While we’re on Jan events, I’m just going to quickly talk about the figurine base exchange.

TLDR: Everything is worth exchanging except for the Collector’s Figurine Base 1 for 1000gems (unless you whale then whatever).

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