The KS event for this month is the Claw Machine, and 2 KS available, Geryu and PPP. It will start on 27 Dec.


Skip both. If you have too much diamonds and focus on PvP, Geryu KS is not too bad. Skip PPP KS and buy from Peak Arena.
If you’re a whale you can draw for the other rewards (eg omnishards, tickets etc)

Let’s take a look at the Ultra-Ultimates!


Ultimate: Attacks each enemy in a row with 5 consecutive strikes that deal 130% ATK dmg, and afflicting the enemies with Fear (seals 1 energy for 1 round)
Dmg 130% > 165%
Seals 1 energy > 2 energy

Puri-Puri Prisoner

Ultimate: Attacks a single target in the back row with 5 consecutive strikes for 210% ATK dmg, and applies Weaken to target (ATK is decreased by 40% for 2 rounds)
Dmg 210% > 265%
Weaken 40% > 50%


Geryu KS is actually pretty good for PvP, especially if you don’t have King. With KS, he will now seal 2 energy. He is also a monster-esper type, so he can fit in well with Gyoro core soon. However it’s practically useless in PvE.

PPP KS is also very good, for both PvP and PvE. A highly levelled and geared PPP with KS can easily destroy the opponent’s backline. He is also useful for certain PvE niche scenarios due to his 50% weaken, like Boros club boss and HxM etc. HOWEVER, as you can slowly save up and purchase his KS from Peak Arena eventually, I would not suggest drawing his KS in the claw machine.


If you intend on pulling him, please have a reserve of 16.8k diamonds – that’s the max draw cost. I wouldn’t recommend you pulling if you have less than that. And also don’t forget you need another 7920 diamonds to buy LSSR BTs when the next month comes.

  • Tier 1 – Geryu/PPP KS
  • Tier 2
    • Hero Omni
    • Monster Omni
    • Ascend Tickets (save for SAC rate-up) OR Orange gear (it’s a gamble cos of DEF but it’s up to you)
  • Tier 3
    • SAC
    • Hero Drop Buff
    • Monster Drop Buff
    • Purple gear
  • Tier 4
    • 300k gold
    • Epic formula card
    • KS or Insignia Exp card
    • Mystery card refresh (useful for getting certain SSR’s shards during Mystery Shop events, or simply to get Groribas faster)
    • Not recommended:
      • DISK chest – you’ll eventually have an overflow of it due to being gated by core powers.
      • Figurine base – you should have better bases by now
  • Tier 5
    • They removed a lot of useful items so most of the selection here now is total crap.
      • Removed: 500 saitama coins, master key, arena tokens
    • Gear exp card (for upgrading gears, gets super expensive later on)
    • KS Exp card
    • Insignia Exp card
    • RND Disk I Chest
    • Exp Soda III
    • Battle Chips
    • Elite Formula Core
    • Gear Token

Pro-Tip: Finish up the game coin quests, as the game coins carry do not expire and carry over to the next claw machine. So you can save up coins for a claw machine KS that you might want in the future.

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