OPMTS Version Patch Notes

Hey guys, there’s gonna be maintenance later today, and we’re gonna have a new patch drop, containing more content and exciting game updates.

30 Nov 2020 Maintenance, 13:00 (GMT+8). Estimated 6hrs.


  • Buff Gear
  • Nightmare CC
  • New Story Chapters/Quests
  • New Talent Buffs
  • Reborn Parts now available
  • Live Clash Tier rewards modified

Buff Gear (after Lv.65)

  • Another system to grant more stats – will update when I have more info
  • Different Buff Gears will grant different stats. Rare Buff Gears will grant better stats
  • 3 types: Faction, Type and Level
  • Each character can only equip 1 Buff Gear for each kind
  • Transform and Ascend Buff Gear to get better stats

Conqueror’s Challenge Nightmare

  • Available after the corresponding stage is cleared in Normal Mode (Lv 65 and above)
  • Probably gives better quality gear?
  • Also seems to be the main way to farm Buff Gear and Buff Gear materials

New Main Story, Sub Story and Growth Quests

  • New Lv. 110 – Lv. 120 Main Story, Sub Story and Growth quests
  • New Stages of Chapter 23 and 24

New Talent Buffs

  • Finally the better talent buffs are here. These are good because they go by fight count, not by time. This means that you can set it and forget it, and it will run until it’s used 30 times. No more forgetting to pause your timed buffs, or forgetting about your 15 CC auto run and coming back late realizing your new 30min buff wore off.
  • General Talent Drop Voucher: Grants 100% more talent points for designated character in Talent Perfection. Effective 20 times.
  • Bonus II-H: Grants bonus for Hero Talent Perfection 30 times, Drop: 1.5x
  • Bonus II-M: Grants bonus for Monster Talent Perfection 30 times, Drop: 1.5x


  • Reborn Parts resources available in Core Trial and Home Request.
  • New Growth Quests for Buff Gear
  • Several New Character runes in Live Clash
  • New icon for Martial Artist Badge
  • Optimization of the Main City Scene
  • Live Clash: Tier rewards for Arena Master, Summit Elite, Eminent Grappler modified

I would hold off doing any of your daily routine until the patch is over, as you might miss out on today’s “loot” if you have already done most of your content.

  • Home Request – You can start to do it after maintenance to get a shot at the Reborn Parts quests (if you can wait 4hrs)
  • Core Trial – Just do the first battle to get the refresh timer rolling then stop. Continue after maint
  • As of now the Buff Gear looks to be farmable in CC, so that means you want to save vit to grind them. Not sure if you can get the materials anywhere else, we’ll have to wait and see.

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