OPMTS Version Patch Notes

Today we are getting a mega patch full of QoL (quality of life) changes, as well as new store rewards and materials you can buy.


  • New Permanent Store: Colorful Gems Store
  • Emblem System Update – Tactic Card System Update: Added Tactic Card “Piercing Sword” and “Reviving Wind”
  • [Server Merge Changes] After the server merge, funds will no longer be reset to double. Funds will be double reset alongside key festivals.
  • [Double Funds] After the update on December 28th, 2023, all servers Funds will be reset to double.
  • [Club Competition] Loot rewards optimization: Added rewards such as Specialized materials, Red Sketch Fragments, Star Ascension Cards, SSR Omni Chests, etc.
  • [World Boss] Rewards Optimization: Added bonus chests such as Peak Medal Chest and Peak Qualification Chest.
  • [Home Request] Home Request added Resource Request. Gain more rewards based on the number of Awakening Stars.
  • [Club Exploration] Function Optimization: Can be explored 3 times with one tap.
  • [Superb Recruitment] Card pool has added [Awaken] King Awakening Stone and [Unparalleled] Metal Bat Awakening Stone (Starting on 1/1).
  • [Costume Store] Added Permanent Costume and Photo Chest Exchange
  • [Pack Optimization] Weekly pack content and Exploration Fund rewards optimization.
  • [Tournament] Added a quick online challenge function.
  • [Mastery Trial] Saitama’s Aid has a newly added quick sweep function for Mastery Trial
  • [Home Figurine] The Base can be upgraded to the highest level with one tap.
  • [Extreme Training] Unified the difficulty of 3 challenges. You can directly use Sweep.
  • [Resist Invasion] Added a quick-sweep function.
  • [Core Trials] Power Enhancement when repeatedly acquiring a character is as follows:
    · When Character +2: Activate Ultra Ultimate and activate Uber Passive;
    · When Character +3: SSR+ and UR Characters Awaken Passive enhanced to Lv. 2.
  • [Peak Arena] Saitama’s Aid can be set up to automatically challenge higher ranking players.

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