OPMTS Version Patch Notes

27 Oct 2022 Maintenance, 13:00 (GMT+8). Estimated 6 hrs.


  • Honor Battle – Guide to be updated soon
  • Tactic Lab / Crescent Tower – Read more here.
  • New Novice Pack – Purchase grants SR Hellish Blizzard and now Queen costume
  • New SSR Novice Pack – Purchase grants Awaken Hellish Blizzard, Super Voucher and more
  • New SSR Exclusive Pack – Purchase now grants KS for Awaken Hellish Blizzard, Super Voucher and more
  • LSSR Characters now available in Elite Recruit!!! Although at a lower rate of 0.65%, but still very good news. Plus you can now draw Melzargard! (previously only epic)
  • New Character shards at discount in Mystery Store
  • New Club Challenge Boss – Awaken Boros
  • New Resist Invasion Boss – Monsterized Bakuzan

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