OPMTS Version Patch Notes

Whoa today we got a mega patch, one that has tons of QoL (quality of life) changes, as well as new content and updates! Finally some improvements after 3 years.


  • World Level now 140
  • New levels opened in Exploration mode
  • New Mastery Trials (Guide here)
    • To access, go to Exploration > Train > Mastery Trial
    • To use the Mastery resources, click on individual characters > Mastery > level
  • New Exercise mode in Home, it’s kind of like a dummy target for you to test your damage now instead of your club members 😛
  • HxM Gen 12 opens
  • All the SKIP buttons have no cooldown now
  • Crescent Tower now automatically challenges the next stage after clearing a stage
  • Saitaima’s Aid also now collects the free daily Tactic Supply
  • Training Center Expedition higher levels open
  • Club Boss challenge now just gives you 3 tickets daily – no more annoying 6-hourly time windows
  • Home Request now rewards you with the daily rewards immediately after sending out missions, not when finishing
  • Character quiz now only has 1 question instead of 3
  • Club daily rewards revamped, now includes more gems and Omni-chest at the end
  • Revamp of items in mall – do check out the mall there are many new items, such as SSR KING/Genos shards, Memory Crystals and more
  • Research Core/Soul Parts Chest now available in Live Clash shop

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