• Complete all the objectives to get Pig God

3rd Ceremony Puzzle

Finally Pig God is here! And free as long as you complete all the objectives, which don’t look too hard to achieve.

There are 8 objectives you need to do, every time you complete one you get a reward. Every 2 objectives done will give you Pig God SSR shards, up to 80 shards when you complete all 8, then you can fuse Pig God. There is also an event to Awaken to SSR+ later on in June.


  • 1 – Login a total of 10 days
  • 2 – Own 5 SSR Characters
  • 3 – Reach 10,000 points in one go in the Rhythm Notes event
  • 4 – Reach 12 Carnival Points in the Ceremony Feast event (Opens 10 Jun)
  • 5 – Use any dice in the Beach Party Island Voyage event 1x (Opens 16 Jun)
  • 6 – Consume 200 total gems during the event (doesn’t have to be event related)
  • 7 – Complete the Memories Reward Collection – Simply just watch the anni video of your account and claim rewards (near the Invite button)
  • 8 – Obtain any reward in the Ceremony Koi event (Opens 23 Jun)

Rewards for completing all the objectives

Rhythm Notes

This game is not new if you’re not a new OPM player. But it won’t be unfamiliar to you too if you’re a DJ Max player. Simply just tap the buttons to the beat and earn high scores for rewards. The 10K score for the Pig God objective is pretty easy to hit so you should have no problems.

Best to use headphones to listen to the music.

As usual there are leaderboard rewards, if you’re aiming for a permanent Pig God figurine you need to be top 5.

Also a bunch of quest rewards with SAC!

Ceremony Feast Event

This part of the event gives you the materials to awaken Pig God into SSR+. Though I would not recommend fusing unless you’re a collector or whale. Save up your Hero ES for better stuff, there are many good hero units coming up like PPP+, ZBM+, MK+, Alloy+.

There are 3 phases, and simply complete the quests in each phase to get coins (and rewards).

Phase 1

  • Login for 1d – 2 points, 1 coin, 10 costume tickets
  • Buy Stamina 35x – 2 points, 2 coins, 1 elite ticket
  • Participate Arena 45x – 2 points, 2 coins, 1 superb ticket
  • Purchase mall coins 40x – 2 points, 3 coins, 1 BS
  • Reset Heroic Stage 20x – 2 points, 3 coins, 1 BT

Phase 2

  • Login for 6d – 2 points, 1 coin, 1 SAC
  • Participate Arena 45x – 2 points, 2 coins, 1 elite ticket
  • Purchase mall coins 40x – 2 points, 2 coins, 1 superb ticket
  • Purchase mall coins 50x – 2 points, 3 coins, 1 BS
  • Reset Heroic Stage 40x – 2 points, 3 coins, 1 BT

Phase 3

  • Login for 10d – 2 points, 1 coin, 1 reversion card
  • Participate Arena 45x – 2 points, 2 coins, 1 elite ticket
  • Purchase mall coins 40x – 2 points, 2 coins, 1 superb ticket
  • Purchase mall coins 120x – 2 points, 3 coins, 1 BS
  • Reset Heroic Stage 60x – 2 points, 3 coins, 1 BT

The phases unlock over time, each 1 week apart.


With the coins, you can redeem some pretty good stuff.

  • The rewards are locked behind a point system, which you can get the carnival points simply by doing the quests:
  • Phase 1 – unlocked
  • Phase 2 – reach 8 carnival points
  • Phase 3 – reach 15 carnival points

To even get the base SSR Pig God to complete the main event puzzle, we need to reach 12 carnival points. So the easiest way would be:

  • login x3 – 3 points
  • Buy stamina 35x – 2 points
  • Arena – 6 points
  • The last point you can choose, cheapest would be reset heroic (50 gems for 1 reset, so 1000gems for 20). However if you intend to get more than 12 points, the purchase coins might be better since there are multiple quests for it.

If you want to follow me, my plan is to:

  • login x3 – 3 points, 3 coins
  • Buy stamina 35x – 2 points, 2 coins
  • Arena – 6 points, 6 coins
  • Buy coins 40x – 6 points, 7 coins

Total gained will be over 15 points (to unlock last stage of rewards) and 18 coins.

Main rewards I’m aiming to buy. Do note that I’m not awakening so I do not need the AS.

  • 10 BT – 4 coins
  • 2 Hero ES – 10 coins


There’s also a Packs section which the Hero ES is a must buy. 2250 is about 10 BTs (220×10), so it’s equivalent of drawing a ES with one round of 10 BTs, which is very good.

The rest of the stuff you need funds or money so feel free to browse and purchase.

Beach Party Island Voyage Event (16 Jun)

See post here

Ceremony Koi Event (23 Jun)

This is simply a lottery event which you don’t have to do anything, except really just to play the game normally. Hit 60 activity before 8pm to be eligible for the lucky draw. Everyone gets a small prize regardless, as long as you are eligible.

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