10 – 14 Jun 2023

TLDR: 11.7k gems to draw the first sigil, 15k for the second.
For F2Ps I wouldn’t recommend, as 11.7k gems is a lot. You may opt to go for the (first) Sigil but only if you have enough gems to max draw, and also spare gems (meaning you have enough to buy your black shuriken packs + upcoming 36 BTs).

If you’re not aiming to get the sigils and don’t mind spending a little (like buying 10knots with the first 50% off etc), this is a good way to get reversion card and reset locks for ‘cheap’, considering that one reset lock in mall is already 200gems. And you can get 10 locks for just 200 fortune cards (1000gems if buy 50%).

Also they increased the badge cost (previously was 800 instead of 1000).


  • Figurine base
  • Reset lock
  • Reversion card
  • Emblem Supply tickets
  • Core power
  • Awaken chips
  • Buff materials


Let’s find out how much to draw the first Sigil 6!

It requires 1500 Fortune Cards.

You get Fortune cards from buying Knot of Wishes.

1 Knot of Wishes = 10 Fortune cards guaranteed = 100 gems

  • Free daily draw for 4 days = 40 cards (0 gems)
  • Free 30 cards for every 50 draws; 1500/10=150 draws, so you will get 3x of the progress, so 30*3 = Free 90 Fortune cards (0 gems)
    • Progress rewards will not be available after you consume 500 knots
  • 50% discount for 10 knots (once per day) = 4days*10knots = 40 knots = 400 Fortune cards (2000 gems)
  • Outstanding cards needed: 1500 – 40 – 90 – 400 = 970 Fortune cards (9700 gems)

Hence total gems for max draw is 11,700 gems (2000+9700) for the first Sigil.

If you want to buy the second one, it will be significantly more expensive since you already used up all the free perks, so it’s 15k gems straight.

However, don’t forget for each draw you also have a chance to draw the various lanterns for extra prizes, so you might probably earn back some gems.

  • Lantern of Luck: 1000 gems (limit 10x)
  • Lantern of Dream: 50 Fortune cards
  • Lantern of Fortune: 10 Fortune cards
  • Lantern of Prosperity: 1, 2 or 3 Fortune cards
  • Lantern of Peace: No fortune cards, but a bunch of random items like buff gear materials, sigil etc

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