15 Jun – 21 Jun

Skip. A little of out meta, and the upcoming LSSRs are more important.
Pull him if…

  • You focus on Monster
  • Like KFC


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Unyielding tank / Backrow DPS / HP% Based dmg passive / Burn
Type: Esper / Monster
Meta Duration: Going slightly out of meta but still useful – it’s still the only monster unit with revive.


Phoenixman is one of those units where he’s just useful in almost any situation, just that as F2P you need to save up BTs for the essential units. Why I say going out of meta is because there are better LSSRs coming, not because he’s bad. All the upcoming LSSRs are pretty strong, which is why I wouldn’t recommend pulling PXM. There’s WDM, ATT, SSR Amai, and Bomb core, lots of BTs to save up for within a short period. Using Gyoro core, RMG and ATT, the 3 Esper slots are already filled. You can definitely use PXM and have 4 Espers but you have less space for your other strong units, like Genos, WDM or Amai.

As an F2P you’re better off investing in Boros because he still has PVE value, and he synergizes well with GG and RMG in PVP too (due to his passive and self-heals when GG/RMG heals). You probably won’t have enough resources to invest in PXM if you pull him to make him viable.

However, if you focus on monster he is definitely a must have! He’s the only unit on monster side to have unyielding and he hits like a truck when geared properly. Monster side also uses Gyoro core for a long time so PXM will be a staple choice.


  • 3x revive, and the only revive on monster side
  • Strong HP% based dmg due to his passive (similar to DSK ult) and backrow DPS
  • Great for certain PVE modes where you need a monster revive, eg HxM
  • “2-in-1” gear – uses HP gear which increases both his DPS and survivability, making him a strong tank and dps at the same time
  • Strong in Monster PVP
  • Strong in Live Clash
  • Synergizes well with HP support units, such as Gyoro (core/passive), WDM (HP boost) etc


  • Better upcoming LSSRs will replace him
  • Esper type, so esper resources will be scarce during the Esper meta
  • Damage is low if not geared properly with HP gear (similar to Genos)
  • No tank mechanics for reducing damage, hence can be quite squishy as well. (No rebellion, no shields, etc)
  • Not much synergy with others apart from HP boost units


Skip for RMG!

Backrow dmg 150% > 180%
Burn rate 70% > 100%
Burn dmg 100% > 120%

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Phoenix Man holds a great deal of respect for powerful individuals who wear costumes. This is one of the reasons why he wanted Child Emperor to join him, since he saw the hero as someone else with a powerful costume, as well as Watchdog Man.

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