This guide is aimed at F2P players simply because they need to choose who to save BTs and pull. If you’re P2W, just buy every LSSR 😛


F2P: 10000000% yes. Just do it. If you don’t have enough BTs then sucks to be you. Start saving and get her on comeback. Alternatively if you really have very little BTs, you can skip her and just go for Bomb core and Sonic V2, but you will be suffering for quite a few months!


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: High Single Target DPS / Follow-up
Type: Esper / Monster (Demon)
Meta Duration: She will be your bread and butter for PVE for a long time, at least a year. For PVP she will carry your team for a bit, until better units come out, but will still be used a lot in Monster pvp.


Basic: 4-hit, 180% damage to one foe, and deal an additional 60% damage to the target as extra damage. This extra damage stacks after every round, up to 3 stacks for a maximum of 360% damage at round 3.
Ultimate: Gains Life Steal 50% for 2 round, and target one of the enemy from back and perform 2 hit single attack, deal 500%.
Passive: When received non-critical damage, it will reduce by 33% (45% when purple star) From the second round onwards, after an ally attacks, Mosquito Girl will perform a follow-up attack for 80% damage, plus any additional effects, on the foe with the lowest HP% remaining, up to four times per round.
Life steal 50% > 70%
Atk dmg 500% > 600%

Dmg reduction 33% > 38%
5P Passive:
Dmg reduction > 45%
Follow-up atk > 100%
Follow-up 4x per round > 5x
Follow-up start 2nd round > 1st round


Suggested gear:
Primal – ATK, 2 ATK%, 1 CRIT% and 1 SPD (for single target DPS build) – feel free to swap spd with CRIT DMG or ATK% if you don’t mind a slow build. Use CRIT DMG only if ur CRIT% is high (>80%)
Gangster – ATK/ATK%/CRIT% (for follow-up build)

Set is more important than stats for RMG, you’ll do better with a full primal than broken set. However if you better orange pieces in a broken set then that might be better for you.

Buff Gear: ATK% on everything, then wash for the following – ATK%/SPD%/CRIT%/DMG Rate%.
If you can get the crit or followup augment on the demon gear then that would be almost perfect!



  • Sexy
  • Super high single target backdoor DPS for a long time, at 500% dmg ult (600% with KS which you should have already been saving up for). And this is with lifesteal!
  • Because of her lifesteal, she also has high survivability, almost healing back to full HP after attacking with lifesteal
  • Wait there’s more! Her passive reduces any non-crit dmg by 33%, making her very tanky as well and increasing her survivability.
  • Her basic attack slowly increases damage with every round, increasing extra damage. This applies to her follow-up as well which is up to 4x a round! (5x if 5P).
  • If you thought Garou’s follow-up was crazy, wait till you meet RMG. At 5 pink stars, she starts follow-up on 1st turn, and deals 280% (100%+180%) dmg follow-up up to 5x a round! She will also follow-up on lowest HP enemy, so this will ensure she finishes off anyone dying.
  • Synergizes well with Gyoro core as an Esper. Gyoro + Boros + RMG is the ultimate PVE team.
  • Essential for PVE bossing, acting as main DPS and even as a tank due to her passive and lifesteal.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of investment to work, still able to hit hard with average gear and investment
  • Crazy OP and top in Live Clash (until ATT comes). It’s usually down to whose RMG dies first = lose. If you don’t have RMG then LC is auto lose 99% of the time.
  • Strongest for 1v1
  • Your carry for Monster PVP
  • She is only demon level, so it’s cheap to level her insignia with demon badges – easily purchasable from mall


  • Cannot lifesteal when attacking shielded targets (Tenacity), hence countered by Bomb
  • Since her ult is backrow only, she can be delayed by some smart positioning. If enemy puts unyielding units (ZBM, PXM, Genos) or tanky units (CK) at the back, then her effectiveness may drop. I wouldn’t say countered because she will eventually kill everything, but it’s race of whose RMG kills faster assuming both are in front row.


Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for – RMG !!!

I’m sure you would have heard people commenting on FB and discord forever to save for RMG (and ATT). Well I hope you listened to them, because if you don’t pull RMG you can basically quit the game. I’m not even kidding. Your PVP experience will be disastrous, your live clash is auto lose without RMG. You will be so behind in PVE.

All in all, a one man army for both PVE and PVP, that’s how strong she is. You’ll want to definitely 5* her, and awaken her to 5 pink stars asap, including buying her KS.

In the CN server, from RMG onwards they release the KS along with the new LSSR (but not so in TW servers). So we’ll have to see whether we get to draw the KS in the same month or 3 months later.

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


 After her transformation, Mosquito Girl was fast enough to attack Genos from behind, before the latter was able to react, and was able to assault him at speeds he was unable to counter.

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