This guide is aimed at F2P players simply because they need to choose who to save BTs and pull. If you’re P2W, just buy every LSSR 😛


F2P: From here onwards, it’s really up to you on how you want to play it. He’s definitely great but our BTs are limited, hence pull him if:
-You like him a lot
-Use Genos as your main DPS carry (for current meta)
-If you don’t have any unyielding LSSRs like ZBM and PXM
-Have a lot of spare BT such that you can also pull ATT, Amai, Bomb, etc.

UPDATE: The stats are the buffed version for max HP boost (25% up from 20%), which makes him even more worth to pull!


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Energy seal / Energy gain / Unyielding / Tank / Row DPS / Self-heal / Ally HP Boost
Type: Grappler / Hero (S1)
Meta Duration: As he is a great utility unit, he fits in almost any situation regardless, hence he will be useful for a long time, both PVP and PVE.


Basic: 1-hit, 150% damage to one foe. Restores HP to Watchdog Man equal to 30% of his max HP.
Ultimate: 3 hits Row Damage with 25% of Max HP and apply [Fear] to enemy [Seal 2 Ability Point]
Passive: Gain 2 Energy at the start of round for 2 rounds, and raises the max HP of Watchdog Man and the ally in the same column as him by 25% for 3 rounds. Whenever Watchdog Man takes fatal damage, activates Unyielding and restores 20% of his max HP. Unyielding can activate twice per battle.
Row dmg 25% > 30%
Energy Seal 2 > 3

HP Boost 25% > 30%
Last for 3 rounds > 5
Revive 20% HP > 25%
5P Passive:
HP Boost > 33%
Last for > 10 rounds
Revive HP > 50%
Additional effect: Gain 2 energy points for first 3 rounds


Suggested gear:
Speed build – Monk/Flash (Crit, Crit DMG, SPD (adjust accordingly to your server opponents))
HP/DMG build – Battle/Suit/Prisoner/Primal (Crit, Crit DMG, HP%)

Broken set is fine too.

Buff Gear:
Speed build – SPD%/HP%, Critx3, DMG Rate%. With HP stats ideally
HP build – Same as above except prioritise HP% instead of SPD%



  • Cute!
  • Great utility, support, tank, and even dps.
  • Gives you the upper hand in PVP! Sealing 2 (3 with KS) energy as well as gaining 2 energy is a massive advantage, being able to lock the enemy out of 1 ult, AND getting off an extra ult on your end. This means 2 enemy ults vs your 4 ults for the first 2 rounds, which is more than enough to decisively end the match!
    • His KS allows him to seal 3 energy instead which is even better! If enemy is using Gyoro core, his 6 energy will now become 3 energy, which means he can only ult ONCE, effectively crippling your enemy to a standstill.
  • Deals HP based dmg, which means he can dish out high damage too. Also known as the “row Genos”.
  • Self-heal with basic attack, increasing his survivability
  • Has unyielding 2x!
  • Synergizes well with Gyoro core/passive for his own HP based dmg
  • His passive boosts HP for ally in same column, hence increasing HP based dmg, such as Genos and PXM
  • Synergizes well with future ATT (her passive removes sealed energy after taking action)
  • “2-in-1” gear set, where stacking HP gear increases both his DMG and HP (survivability)
  • Due to his sheer utility (+energy, unyielding, tank, heals, DPS), he is very good in PVE as well
  • Super useful in live clash, especially due to the energy seal/gain
  • Great KS, Extreme Passive and 5P Passive – all very good


  • You probably pulled RMG, and you also kinda need to pull ATT (and SSR Amai if you’re competitive in PVP) and then Bomb for core, so BTs are severely lacking and you need to choose carefully
  • Row ATK is not as great as strong AOE (Genos), or strong Single Target (RMG)
  • Uses Grappler resources, which will be competing with SSR Amai, Bomb and Gale Wind in the future
  • Competes with Genos on gears – Uses HP% gears, including the same Class S HP% buff gear, and Class S1 badge for Insignia


WDM is definitely a great hero to have, unfortunately the BTs we have are limited, and there are more great LSSRs coming up
-SSR Amai
-Sonic V2
-Gale Wind etc

If you have been lucky on your previous LSSR pulls (like 20-30pull) and have enough spare BTs, definitely get him!

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Watchdog Man’s monument is near a train station, and citizens often come to clean the blood of monsters off of the plaza and statue every day. The location of his monument is also a reference to Hachikō, as the legendary dog was known for waiting for his owner at a train station.

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