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  • Enter a new zone and select strategy. I suggest just selecting max difficulty right at the start, and slowly reset and lower if you cannot go pass a stage
  • Clear the stages
  • Claim rewards

Training Zone

There are 4 zones to challenge. At the start of each zone, you need to select a Strategic Choice. The higher the difficulty, the more points you earn. You may reset the strategy at any time using the reset button located inside the point multiplier.

For example, you can select Defense Suppression and click the last dumbbell for max difficulty. Each zone will have a minimum difficulty (you can see at the bottom) before you can commence.

Do note the Zone Feature and Character bonus, and make use of those accordingly.

There will be 2 matches per challenge – 1 hero only and 1 monster only. The challenges do not use up any stam or vit so you’re free to keep doing them. However you only will get rewards on the first clear.

For the line-up, you can only use characters you own, as well as certain ‘Trial’ characters that you earn from the rewards. Most stats will carry over, like ultra ult, 5P etc, but the Core level is not one of them so you will be stuck using Lv1 cores.

Along the way you will be given the choice to choose a route (sub-quest). Once chosen, you cannot choose another route. You may go the other route for the second time after reset to get the first clear rewards.

At the end of the zone you will get a ‘report card’.

You are then free to re-do the zone again, increasing the difficulty and trying for higher scores.

Training Base

As you complete the stages, you will earn Training Points which you can use to complete quests and claim rewards. As you do so, you will also level up your ‘Outside Support’.

Good luck in the ranks!

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