starry night camping

1 Sep – 10 Sep


Very straightforward event; we had the exact same event one year ago in Aug 2022.

  • Clear stages with vit – Sweep Hard
  • Challenge Boss
  • Complete quests
  • Gacha your rewards at Late Night Snacks
  • Get main rewards at Memorial by consuming vit

If you are doing backup stick make sure you allocate some vit to complete those quests too. Use Saitama Intel if required for this event.

Camping Expedition (stages)

The usual spend vit to clear stages – main drops are Delicacies and gold.

There’s only 1 chapter and 2 modes of difficulties for each – Normal and Hard. Do Hard – Boros for the sweeps.

  • Normal (10 vit each)
  • Hard (12 vit)

Use cookies for bonus drops.

You can unlock sweep mode once you achieve perfect clearance (must clear on 100% auto and don’t touch the skills at all).

Wilderness Challenge (boss)

Boss fight, pretty self-explanatory.

Deploy 2 teams:
-First team to counter the boss’s weakness at the bottom left
-Second team to kill boss

  • MK – Apply DoT or Injury/Internal Injury
  • MK+ – Apply DoT or Tenacity

You can spend gems to challenge extra but I don’t see a need to.

Just use your bossing line-up, pretty easy to kill.

Starry Night Memorial

Super simple, just consume vit to unlock the 6 photos, the amount is stated at each photo (eg 300, 600, 1000, etc). Do note that the vit can be consumed outside of event too, so it includes NCC, UD, Talents etc, so this is pretty achievable.

Definitely aim for BS, Reversion Card, Omni and BTs. We have 10 days for the event, so you just need to spend at least 200 vit daily to get the BT. Don’t really need to hit the last prize, not worth the vit.

Late Night Snacks

This is where you use your Delicacies to gacha for rewards. Obtain the Core item (first item in each tier) to advance to the next tier. All gacha but with a limit so you just have to keep trying your luck.

Aim for:

  • Sigil Chest V/III
  • SAC
  • Parts/Refinement/Ascend Supply tokens
  • Orange emblems
  • Refinement card
  • Free SSR+ Alloy character figure as well!


There’s 2 tabs of quests – Event and Daily!

Nothing much to talk about here, just try to finish them. For cooking of snacks, don’t cook everything in 1 day but cook the minimum for the quest, so you have enough for the daily quest for the next few days.

This is the previous event in 2021. Bosses and rewards may be different but the event mechanics still remain mostly the same.

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