DISCLAIMER: This guide is more for F2P players with limited BTs. Going forward, I will give insights on why the unit is good or bad, so that you can make your own informed decision. Due to everyone’s own unique line-up, BT count, situation, new units and constantly changing meta, I will NOT be advising on pulling or not.

  • All the SSR+s are strong in their own way. It’s a matter of which one you have to prioritize as an F2P
  • There is a different drawing mechanism. Here’s a guide on how that works!
  • As an F2P, it is too expensive to Awaken Passive 2 any SSR+, I would recommend you pull multiple good SSR+ units than to AWK2 one SSR+. However, it depends on your situation and if a particular unit is very good, so if you want to please go ahead. Do note you can continue doing so on the comeback banner if not enough BT (although not as ideal).


Role: Single Target dmg / Follow-up Disable / +Crit rate
Type: Grappler/Hero (Class S1)

Basic: Deal 5 consecutive strikes to a single target, dealing 120% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks a single target with Continuous Tactic Attack, every strike deals DMG by 150% ATK. Starting with 4 consecutive strikes. When battle begins, every layer of [Specialized Protection] adds 1 consecutive strike, up to 13 times, dealing DMG by 1950% ATK
Passive: After action, last strike causes the target and its column permanently [Disabled] (Unable to [Follow-up], [Continuous Follow-up] and [Combo Follow-up]). At the start of the battle, increase 20% Crit Rate, lasts for 3 rounds.

Awaken Passive: When battle begins, permanently grant 70% chance of [Evade] (Reduce Direct/Extra/Charge/Berserk DMG to 1 DMG). After any character acts, if Watchdogman triggered [Evade], adds 1 consecutive strike.

DMG 150% > 180%
Consecutive strike DMG 1950% > 2340%
Extreme Passive:
After action effect – target and its column and its surrounding units
5P Passive:
Lasts for 3 rounds > 5 rounds
Awakened 2: 
After any character acts, if Watchdogman triggered [Evade], increases 30% ATK for self for 1 round.


Suggested gear:

Stack ATK Gear. I would suggest a crit build so use a CRIT body gear. With his passive, it will almost give him 100% CRIT.

+CRIT% and DMG Rate% is great.



  • Cute
  • Super high Single Target DPS. He slapz! Hence also great for bossing
  • Acts as a utility hero due to his ability to Disable enemy Follow-ups. ALL follow-ups, which includes continuous Follow-up and also Combo Follow-up (RIP DSK)
  • Quite tanky due to his permanent 70% Evade


  • Since he requires S.Protection for more consecutive strikes via his ULT, he only works well with DK+ core, not so much other cores
  • Expensive to build if you want to get the max DPS potential out of him
  • Countered by TTM+ (if you ULT on TTM+ basically you will kill your whole team via damage reflect)
  • Grappler slot is competitive. If you’re using Tank-Top Vegan with DK+ core, that’s already 1 Grappler slot used up, not to mention if you also have DSK+ and TTM+
  • Not super useful for PVE, although he can work in certain PVE content


WDM+ is the start of a new meta, as you can see the Follow-up Disable is just starting to change things. He will be the first, followed by PPP+ and then MK+ counter S.Corrode/Combo. So while yes he will still be quite useful during later era, the question is, is he useful enough for F2Ps to pull (as compared to let’s say Groribas+ or MK+)? I would think not. However that’s my personal opinion, feel free to pull him if you like the character!


For whales, yes for max DPS.

Check out the SSR+ guide here!


His activities are strictly limited to Q-City and there seems to be hidden reasons behind it.

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