DISCLAIMER: This guide is more for F2P players with limited BTs. Going forward, I will give insights on why the unit is good or bad, so that you can make your own informed decision. Due to everyone’s own unique line-up, BT count, situation, new units and constantly changing meta, I will NOT be advising on pulling or not.

  • All the SSR+s are strong in their own way. It’s a matter of which one you have to prioritize as an F2P
  • There is a different drawing mechanism. Here’s a guide on how that works!
  • As an F2P, it is too expensive to Awaken Passive 2 any SSR+, I would recommend you pull multiple good SSR+ units than to AWK2 one SSR+. However, it depends on your situation and if a particular unit is very good, so if you want to please go ahead. Do note you can continue doing so on the comeback banner if not enough BT (although not as ideal).


Basic: Deal 2 consecutive strikes to a single target, dealing 120% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks all enemies with 2 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 250% ATK, has 100% chance of inflicting [Specialized Corrode] to main target and its surrounding units (DOT by 120% ATK. . After any character acts, transfers the effect to a random target, disappears after transferring 5 times.) Negates the Extra DMG from DMG Reflect, lasts for the whole battle.
Passive: When enemies suffer DOT, deals Extra DMG to all enemies by 60% DoT DMG (Only 1 effect of the same type works throughout the whole battle). Causes enemies with [Specialized Corrode] to be [Stuck] (Unable to launch [Follow-up] and [Consecutive Follow-up], lasts for 2 rounds)

Awaken Passive: When battle begins, grants [Specialized DMG Reflect] (reduce direct DMG and Extra DMG by 50%, reflects 50% of the original DMG back to the attacker, lasts for the whole battle.) After any character acts, restores Groribas’ and its column [Specialized Guard] by 100% of the DOT on enemies.

DMG ATK 250% > 400%
DOT ATK 120% > 180%
Extreme Passive:
Extra DMG 60% > 75%
5P Passive:
Extra DMG 75% > 80%
Awakened 2: 
After any character acts, Groribas and its column …


Suggested gear:

Stack ATK Gear. Since his ult is 100% hit, no need to use Hit% gear. You may use +Bonus DMG% for higher DoT damage.

SO WHY SSR+Groribas?


  • Super high AOE DPS, hands down the best unit for PVE so far
  • Basically DSK on steroids
  • Great for PVP also, but for PVP it’s basically who goes first so it’s really more all about speed
  • Can synergize well with DSK in the same row for Combo Ult
  • Himself immune to S.Corrode, and also has S.Prot restoration
  • Can work well in most cores, doesn’t have to be in DK+ core specifically.


  • Passive does not stack with other DoT detonators (like DSK, VM etc. the highest one will take effect)
  • Expensive to build if you want to get the max DPS potential out of him (needs KS)
  • Many good units upcoming, including MK+, and even UR Tatsu


If you do not have any S.Corrode unit (such as DSK+), then definitely get Grori+ as hands-down he will be the best for PVE/AOE damage. However, there are also great units coming out like MK+ (stun 4 units till round 5!), PPP+ (can steal Grori ult), and even UR Tatsu was just released in CN.


Yes it’s a must if you’re pulling him. But A2 not required.

Check out the SSR+ guide here!


Groribas’s name is a possible pun of Guro (グロ), a shorten form of “grotesque” in Japanese. and Reverse being often used to refer “vomiting” in Japanese.

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