DISCLAIMER: This guide is more for F2P players with limited BTs. Going forward, I will give insights on why the unit is good or bad, so that you can make your own informed decision. Due to everyone’s own unique line-up, BT count, situation, new units and constantly changing meta, I will NOT be advising on pulling or not.

  • All the SSR+s are strong in their own way. It’s a matter of which one you have to prioritize as an F2P
  • The good news is that, it’s pretty much exactly the same as SSR+. It’s still using 4 Evo stones and 1 Awakening stone, and still requires BT to pull. The only change is that now we need the UR evo stones (red color) instead of the orange ones we have. Hence you have to use up all your SSR+ stones. There is an option to convert 2 SSR+ Stones into 1 UR stone, but at this time I’m not sure if that’s a one-time thing during the UR event, or you can exchange anytime. Guide here!
  • As an F2P, it is too expensive to Awaken Passive 2 any SSR+/UR, I would recommend you pull multiple good SSR+/UR units than to AWK2 one SSR+/UR. However, it depends on your situation and if a particular unit is very good, so if you want to please go ahead. Do note you can continue doing so on the comeback banner if not enough BT (although not as ideal).


Basic: Deals 150% ATK damage to a single target and restores HP equal to 150% ATK.
Ultimate: Attacks all targets with 5 consecutive strikes that deal 600% ATK damage. During the action, if the target is in [Unyielding] or [Specialized Unyielding] state, Boros will trigger [Berserk] (damage increased by 50% when attacking).

Passive: After action, Boros and surrounding allies can trigger [Evolve] (instantly removes target’s DMG ignoration granted by Unyielding-type effect) restores 300% HP of Max HP before each round, last for 2 rounds. Permanently grant self 50% Non-Crit DMG free (damage reduction for all types of damage, cannot co-exist with Agility).

ULT ATK 600% > 800%
Rampage 50% > 100%
Gain 30% Lifesteal for 1 round before taking action

Extreme Passive:
Restores HP 300% > 350%
Non-Crit DMG free 50% > 55%

5P Passive:
Non-Crit DMG free 55% > 60%
Lasts for 2 rounds > 3 rounds

Basic Core Effect (1 Grappler, 2 Espers): Grants 3 energy points per round. In the first 3 rounds, allies gain 30% combat damage increase.
Advance Core Effect (1 Grappler, 1 Duelist, 2 Espers): When battle begins, grants allies permanent [Excess Recovery] (excess HP heals are converted to [HP Shield] to offset damage received, cannot exceed to 20 times of Max HP). All allies gain 30% Combat immunity. When battle begins, allies at the front row are healed by 80% of their Max HP, last for 3 rounds.

(4) Combat immunity 40%, healed by 120%

(10): Combat immunity 40%, healed by 120% for 5 rounds

(17): Combat immunity 50%, healed by 150% for 5 rounds

Awakened 2 (Basic & Advanced Core): Combat damage increase 30% > 50%, When allies perform follow up, get another 1 energy (1x per round)
Awakened 3 (Basic & Advanced Core): Combat damage increase 30% > 50%, When allies perform follow up, get another 1 energy (1x per round)


Suggested gear:

There are 2 builds you can go with Boros

ATK Boros for more DPS and energy refill gauge (ATK%/ATK/CRIT%), or

HP Boros for survival so that his passive can be active (HP%/HP/HP)

SUGGESTED LINE UP (credits Belphe)

The 2 SRs are mainly used for their passives to support the team

-Dr Genus increases ATK when healed. Needs to be alive for passive to be active.

-LinLin increases healing by 60% for 3 rounds. Doesn’t need to survive so you can just put her in

SO WHY UR Boros?


  • Core Units are always a must pull, as they provide you with more options for building different teams and lineups
  • Don’t really need to invest much into core units, so it’s relatively cheap to build
  • Has the option to go for DPS or HP build
  • This core only requires 2 Espers, 1 Grappler and 1 Duelist. So there’s more flexibility in terms of lineup


  • I think a lot of us are running out of black tickets, especially since we just had Sonic, G4, and Suiryu!


Highly recommended to pull core units always. Although in my opinion, the core feels rather weak as compared to the debut of Geryu or DK core. If your enemy goes first, your whole team can be easily killed in the first turn, so speed is still very important as usual.

If you have AS+, he can be a good tank due to his constant healing.


Not required but if you want to sure!

Check out the SSR+ guide here!


Boros is actually an allusion to one of ONE’s previous works that was never officially released, Taiyo Man (Sun Man). In the story, the final boss was too strong for the plot to progress, so ONE had to scrap it.

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