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DISCLAIMER: This guide is more for F2P players with limited BTs. Going forward, I will give insights on why the unit is good or bad, so that you can make your own informed decision. Due to everyone’s own unique line-up, BT count, situation, new units and constantly changing meta, I will NOT be advising on pulling or not.

  • All the SSR+s are strong in their own way. It’s a matter of which one you have to prioritize as an F2P
  • The good news is that, it’s pretty much exactly the same as SSR+. It’s still using 4 Evo stones and 1 Awakening stone, and still requires BT to pull. The only change is that now we need the UR evo stones (red color) instead of the orange ones we have. Hence you have to use up all your SSR+ stones. There is an option to convert 2 SSR+ Stones into 1 UR stone, but at this time I’m not sure if that’s a one-time thing during the UR event, or you can exchange anytime. Guide here!
  • As an F2P, it is too expensive to Awaken Passive 2 any SSR+/UR, I would recommend you pull multiple good SSR+/UR units than to AWK2 one SSR+/UR. However, it depends on your situation and if a particular unit is very good, so if you want to please go ahead. Do note you can continue doing so on the comeback banner if not enough BT (although not as ideal).


Basic: Attacks a single target with 3 consecutive strikes for 135% ATK damage.
Ultimate: Increase CRIT damage by 30% for 1 round, dealing 105% of the Max HP direct damage to column target in 3 consecutive strikes, and additional specialized extra damage of 120% of original Max HP (can CRIT Ex.DMG. Unaffected by Specialized DMG Reflect). Each layer of own momentum increases by 20% of Specialized Ex.DMG.

Passive: Permanently gains 60% Non-CRIT dmg immunity (damage reduction includes all types of damage, cannot co-exist with Agility). Increases 1500 energy points before taking action.

Awaken Passive: At the beginning of the round, recover 200% of Metal Bat’s Max HP and 80% of Max HP of allies in the same row, lasts up to 4 rounds. Before any character takes action, self HP Shield will permanently increase [Momentum] (1 layer of shield is equal to 1 layer of momentum, up to a max of 4 layers. Calculations are made based on the highest number of layers of own shield). Permanently increases own CRIT by 50%. Permanently increases allies’ CRIT by 30%.

Crit hit damage 30% > 50%
Max HP dmg 105% > 135%
S.Extra dmg 120% > 140%
Momentum increase 20% > 25%

Extreme Passive:
Non-CRIT dmg 60% > 65%
Energy points increase 1500 > 2000

5P Passive:
Non-CRIT dmg 65% > 70%
Energy points increase 2000 > 2500

Awakened 2:
Max HP Recovered 200% > 250%
Max HP Recovered (allies) 80% > 120%
Momentum max layers 4 > 6
Crit hit rate 50% > 70%
Crit hit rate (allies) 30% > 50%


Suggested gear:

HP%x3, Optional Bonus DMG Ratex3
If you can, go for CRIT%x2 since MB’s skillset revolve around CRIT.



  • Great support (HP recovery)
  • Damage can be high but if you have already invested in other DPS like Suiryu, then do you really need another DPS (as F2P)?
  • Great for PVP, LC etc. So most likely whales that pvp alot will need him


  • Duelist role, which is a little limiting with Boros core. Especially if you already use Sonic.
  • Needs some form of HP shield to activate the Momentum layers. So mostly can only be used with Boros Core. Can be used with gyoro core with small effect. Or can combine with UR KING in future.
  • The next few URs will be Hero type (Bomb, KING, AS) so there’s a lot of competition for Hero slots. If you want a balanced team (for both Hero and Monster), then you probably will need to save some BTs for upcoming Monster units
  • Not exactly a must pull unit for F2P
  • Doesn’t do so well against units with Evasion
  • Not really great for PVE/PVB


Pulling MB is up to you. Personally I am skipping him, I feel there are better units to pull, such as KING. But who knows what new units are coming soon!


If you’re a whale maxing him then yes.

Check out the SSR+ guide here!


He has the lowest ‘Intelligence’ stat out of all the S-Class heroes, at 3.

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