• 28 – 31 Aug
  • Would recommend to skip ZBM KS but up to you
  • Skip the rest


ZBM – I’m going to say no and save your gems, but this could be situational for you so it depends.

For Day1 players, no because firstly you’ve probably pulled out all his resources into other better units so his ATK won’t be very high to begin with. Secondly, because Bomb is coming out soon and that will replace the main Hero core.

Analysis Breakdown:
PVE – ZBM is currently mostly used only for his basic atk which inflicts injury, and for his revives, which is why you still see him in Club Boss lineups. Hence the ultra ultimate isn’t going to do much even if you get it (low atk scaling, or ult won’t even be used). For other PVE content, you might put his heals to good use, but the energy is usually better used on an AOE DPS ult (eg Genos or ATT) to kill the enemies asap, as compared to healing and dragging the fight.

PVP – There’s so much burst damage now (Genos, RMG etc) that you probably can’t outheal the damage. AND with ATT present, your ZBM is literally useless because he falls back to the ground the moment he revives = you will never have a chance to ult

For new server players or players who are still only using ZBM (and don’t have Gyoro), AND you have enough gems, then it MIGHT be good for you since it’s your main core. However, it is going to get quickly replaced in 2 months when Bomb arrives.

Dmg 240% > 300%
Heal 100% of atk > 150%

DSK – Skip

STK – Skip



If you intend on pulling him, please have a reserve of 16.8k diamonds – that’s the max draw cost. I wouldn’t recommend you pulling if you have less than that. And also don’t forget you need another 7920 diamonds to buy LSSR BTs when the next month comes.

  • Tier 1 – ZBM/DSK/STK
  • Tier 2
    • Hero Omni
    • Monster Omni
    • Ascend Tickets (use immediately during SAC Rate UP!)
  • Tier 3I skip awaken chips because you can slowly sweep them, and I don’t really need more purple gear. IMO it’s harder to save for elite/epic tickets, but you pick awaken chips if you need them
    • SAC
    • Talent Drop buff – pick it if you are lacking. Why I choose this is because you can’t really get them anywhere else consistently, whereas the rest can be easily obtained
    • Elite Tix
    • Epic Tix
  • Tier 4
    • 300k gold
    • Formula Chest
    • KS or Insignia Exp card
    • Mystery card refresh (useful for getting certain SSR’s shards during Mystery Shop events like CK, or simply to get Groribas faster)
    • Not recommended:
      • DISK chest – you’ll eventually have an overflow of it due to being gated by core powers.
  • Tier 5
    • They removed a lot of useful items so most of the selection here now is total crap. Feel free to swap out any items below for items that you might be lacking, such as research results or basic skill books.
      • Removed: 500 saitama coins, master key, arena tokens
    • Gear exp card (for upgrading gears, gets super expensive later on)
    • KS Exp card
    • Insignia Exp card
    • RND Disk I Chest
    • Exp Soda III
    • Battle Chips
    • Elite Formula Core
    • Gear Token
    • Feel free to go for any others you might be lacking, eg research papers

Pro-Tip: Finish up the game coin quests, as the game coins carry do not expire and carry over to the next claw machine. So you can save up coins for a claw machine KS that you might want in the future.

Clawmachine rates
20th 180
19th 150
18th 140
17th 130
16th 120
15th 110
14th 110
13th 100
12th 100
11th 100
10th 80
9th 80
8th 60
7th 60
6th 50
5th 30
4th 30
3rd 20
2nd 20
1st 10
TOTAL 16800

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