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This guide is aimed at F2P players simply because they need to choose who to save BTs and pull. If you’re P2W, just buy every LSSR 😛


F2P: 10000% yes. If you don’t have 180, save up and pull him at comeback. No questions asked. If you don’t get him then you can quit the game, hard truth.


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Defensive Core / Resilience / Agility Support / Unyielding / Decrease enemy healing
Type: Grappler / Martial Artist (Martial Artist)
Meta Duration:
Based on CN servers, he’s still going strong up to this day. So basically almost a year of meta and counting. I rated him SSS for both PVE and PVP not because he’s good, but rather his core is essential. Without Bomb core, you’re not going to do much going forward, hence he is absolutely critical, hence SSS. We’re still waiting for a new core to be revealed in CN, but nothing so far. So if you don’t get Bomb, you’re screwed for a longggggggg time.


Basic: Deals 130% attack as damage and decrease the target’s healing effect by 30% (last for 2 rounds)
Ultimate: 3 hit 195% attack to front row of enemy, 100% chance to reduce the main target healing, 50% chance to other target healing (healing effect reducing by 45% for 2 rounds)
Passive: At the start of the round, self and surrounding ally receive [Agility] (the lesser number of hit received, the more direct damage is nullified, 1 hit 60%, 2 hit 48%, 3 hit 36%, 4 hit 24%, 5 hit 12%) (only one effect, [Agility] OR [non-crit dmg free] will be activated). When taking fatal damage, grant unyielding and heal 40% of self max HP (up to 1 time)

3hit atk 195% > 240%
Healing effect reduction 45% > 65%
Revive 40% heal HP > 45%

Core: 1 Duelist + 1 Grappler+ 1 Hi-Tech
Basic Core: Every turn gain 3 energy, permanently increase all ally block rate by 30%
Advanced Core (Basic +1 Esper):
Level 1: At the start of the match, all ally gain 100% of Resilience. Any Tenacity effect will automatically transform into Resilience and can be stacked up to 480% Max HP. (granting effect up to 3 rounds)
Level 4: At the start of the battle, grant all ally 150% max HP [Resilience], and permanently grant 50% DOT rate
Level 10: At the start of the battle, grant all ally 150% max HP [Resilience], and permanently grant 50% injury rate
Level 17: At the start of the battle, grants all ally 130% max HP Resilience effect. Any Tenacity effect will automatically transform into Resilience and can be stacked up to 480% Max HP (granting effect up to 3 rounds) *Changes Basic Core to increase all ally block rate by 40% when adv core 4 activated


Suggested gear:

He’s not super hard or critical to gear well, he’s just there for the core. So just keeping him alive so he can poke and reduce healing will be good enough.

Any gear with HP, HP% and Block is fine.

Recommended set is Magic/Suit/Scholar
Broken set is fine if you don’t have the required pieces.

Buff Gear:

Hero HP – HP%
Grappler HP- HP. Res/Block is great too but not super critical
Special HP- HP



  • Because… Core. Ushers in a new era of playstyle and meta, which will drastically change lineups
    • Longest-meta core so far, with him still being used in CN up till this day
    • His core provides new mechanic Resilience, which absorbs direct dmg and extra dmg. This is huge because anything extra dmg (like dmg reflect, Flashy’s follow-up aoe effect, VM’s passive etc) will be absorbed.
    • Can stack any Tenacity up to 480% Max HP and convert it into Resilience
    • His core also provides a permanent 30% block rate for the whole match, unlike most core effects which end after 2 rounds (eg ZBM’s heals, and Gyoro’s Max HP effect, etc)
  • His passive brings in a new mechanic called Agility, which is basically the lesser number of hits received, the more direct damage is nullified. (eg RMG ult is 2hit, so reduced by 48%)
    • Counters low-hit ult units-
    • eg SSR Genos (not whale ones though!) and RMG to a certain extent (2-hit ult +she cannot lifesteal well due to shields + extra dmg follow-up absorbed by shields)
  • Will be the new strongest core on Hero side, and very much stronger than ZBM
  • Has unyielding once, which is always nice
  • Core Lv4 is pretty nice, granting a permanent 50% DoT rate, which may be useful for certain PVE content with ATT/VM
  • Synergizes well with shield units, such as TTM, SSR Amai, SF and future Sonic, to convert into Tenacious
  • Synergizes well with Undying Shield emblem


  • Resilience effect does not absorb DoT/Injury, hence the introduction of ATT meta as the main DPS
  • Resilience effect only lasts 3 rounds
  • Agility effect only for surrounding allies (cross-shape)
  • Agility not applicable to units with non-crit dmg free (eg ATT, RMG, etc) – so non-crit dmg free will take priority and does not stack with Agility. Keep this in mind when positioning Bomb for the cross-shape
  • Core lineup is back to the traditional one of 1 duelist/1 grappler/1 hi-tech/1 esper, which severely limits the options that you have and not as flexible as ZBM/Gyoro
  • In between many good LSSRs, such as ATT, Sonic, Gale, etc. And if you pulled SSR Amai you would have even lesser now, thanks to DK being in the backup.
  • Gyoro core4 still looks to be the strongest for PVE bossing, assuming you don’t have issues surviving
  • Countered by future Sonic due to his 5-hit ult (least dexterity dmg reduction)
  • He’s there just for the core, doesn’t really do much in terms of damage
  • He takes up a grappler slot, which limits the number of better grapplers you can put


I am writing mainly for F2Ps, so it will mostly be units that we all have. Note these are PVP lineups, adjust accordingly if you’re doing PVE.

Grappler slots:

  • For F2Ps, TTM is a solid choice for the shields to convert into Resilience
  • Obviously SSR Amai is also great because of speed boost and shields. SF too if you have him but I’m not sure if his passive +BLK rate stacks with Bomb core – to be tested or you can let me know
  • Gouketsu will be strong due to his passive and buffing up the shield effects
  • WDM is also a very strong choice
  • CK is bad since dmg reflect is absorbed now

Hi-Tech slots:

  • If you have DK, he’s a good choice as he provides ult dmg free, great dmg with synergy from ATT (which you should have)
  • CE is also a solid choice, with formal stun, he can actually do some work, disabling 2 of the opponent’s units especially ATT
  • Dr Genus is also a great choice, buffing ATK for those who heals, which basically is mainly ATT, or your whole team if you have SSR Amai
  • Lightning Genji (future) will be great too, buffing ATK for those who have tenacity
  • G4 for PVE/bossing
  • SSR Genos… erm… nop. Unless he’s super whaled with over 10mn HP, he’s not much use

Esper slots:

  • Definitely ATT. If you don’t have her, you’re kinda screwed
  • And definitely a DoT detonator, either VM or Monster Choze
  • RMG is alright if you have extra slots. She is still great especially with KS, just won’t be as impactful as before Bomb
  • For newer server players who don’t have ATT, probably Groribas is your next best bet

Duelist slots:

  • Top choice will definitely be Awaken Sonic in the future
  • For F2Ps, probably the best choice would be Magicman just for the Bonus dmg free passive
  • ZBM isn’t a good choice if your opponent has ATT, because he will just stand up and fall back down again. Only use him in PVE
  • Flashy is so-so, he generates tenacity for himself, but his Follow-up extra damage is absorbed by shields


Get him or quit the game. If not enough BT, save up and get him on comeback. That is all!

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Bomb bears a striking physical resemblance to Goutetsu from the Street Fighter series, who was the master of Gouken and Akuma.

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