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Extreme Puri-Puri Prisoner (Grappler/Hero) [Class S1]

Basic: Heals 120% ATK of an ally’s HP
Ultimate: Deal 750% ATK dmg with 2 consecutive strikes to a single back row enemy, inflicting [Charm] (causes the target to [Exit] (removed from battle), and use own Ultimate/Passive to attack a random ally. Returns to the battle after the round ends)
Passive: At the start of battle, reduce all DoT damage by 40% permanently. Self immune to charm.

Awaken Passive: Increase Non-Crit DMG by 30% for the entire row, lasts 3 rounds. After action, inflict [Paralysis] (Unable to Follow-Up, Continuous Follow-Up, Combo Follow-Up) on the target and its column

Ult dmg atk 750% > 900%
Additional: Inflicts [Stun] on the target and its column for 1 round
Extreme Passive:
Reduce enemies’ DoT rate 40% > 50%
5P Passive:
Reduce enemies’ DoT rate 50% > 60%
Awakened 2:
Non-CRIT DMG free 30% > 40%

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