24 Apr 2022 to 19 Jun 2022


If you don’t mind spending on the game, HBU is always the best bang for your money in terms of all the rewards that you will get. It’s ‘cheap’ for an LSSR if you want to put it this way.

However if you’re specifically buying just for the LSSR, then I would not recommend based on Genos.

  • He’s super out of the meta, not useful for PVP nor PVE
  • He needs very specific gear (CRIT) and is very expensive to build, even if you decide to use him
  • You won’t have time to extreme train him, should be reserved for SSR+ like CK etc
  • Hi-Tech slot is easily substituted by SSR+CE, DK, or Dr Genus/Genji for F2Ps

Click here for the HBU Guide


  • SSR Genos shards (total 80 over 200 lvls)
  • SSR Genos figurine
  • SSR Genos badge
  • SSR Genos Waistcoat costume (lv200)
  • SPD 33 LC Rune (lv199)
  • Class S1 badge (lv150)
  • Fist Fight Djinn KS (lv10)
  • SSR wristbands, which is a currency for you to exchange LSSR shards and awaken materials

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