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Wow time flies, it’s already been a year! If you are a Day 1 player since June 2020, I congratulate you for playing so long.

This post will contain all the anniversary updates and events whenever they come so keep checking back!

First Anniversary Party

8 Jun 5AM – 18 Jun 5AM


  • At the start of every day, do NOT do any dailies yet. Accept and do all the quests to get the buffs (Quests refreshes daily)
  • Spend your challenge tickets on boss
  • Make cake
  • Spend anni coins

Just by doing all the quests on Day 1 and using up my tickets for the boss challenge, I already got a whopping 2000+ anni coins, which is way more than enough to buy all the BT, BS and Ascend/Parts Tickets. Unless they are adding more items to exchange which I doubt so, then you can stop doing the event after buying the essentials. If you’re aiming for the Boss challenge rewards like Lin Lin figure, or the Cake rewards, then continue doing the quests daily and grinding for cake ingredients.

Also, it seems the stages are way longer than required. You could buy all the BT and BS and Ascend/Parts tickets on Day 1 just by completing all the quests and Normal Stage Chapters 1 and 2. Why would you need to complete all 6 chapters on normal, AND there’s still Hard and Extreme mode coming up? MAYBE, just maybe, there might be a second part of the event coming, where you can further spend your anni coins or something. Otherwise I feel this event has pretty stupid game design. UPDATE: Yup nothing new was added, AND I forgot to spend the rest of my anni coins. Sad.

Party Game

The usual clear stages with vit, this will reward you with cake making ingredients such as cream, egg and fruits. You also get the anni coins from the Heroic and Boss stages only which can be used at the shop. You get more on first drop, and then a little on subsequent runs.

3 Levels in total – Normal (9 vit), Hard, Extreme

There are 6 chapters of stages; 2 will open every 3 days. As such, it will be quite a while until you reach Extreme.

As of now, just do the highest that you can if you’re grinding.

Making Cake

Over here you use the ingredients gained from the event to make some cake. You need to consume 20 of any to make one time (giving you a small reward), and this increases the progress bar by a small % (3%+?).

When you hit 100% you get the big chest reward, which randomly gives Class S2 badge, SACs, omnishards and more! These rewards won’t repeat so you need to grind the cake if you want to pull them all. DO NOTE IT IS CLASS S2 BADGE, NOT S1 AS ADVERTISED

Fake news. NOT S1 !

Ultimate Challenge

This is the spend ticket to challenge boss part. It’s like HxM where after you kill a boss you move on to the next one. It opens daily from 12pm to 12mn.


  • Awaken STK
  • Awaken DSK
  • Melzargard
  • Groribas
  • Geryu
  • Boros
  • Psykos

They don’t seem to hit that hard so you don’t really need a tank or heals. Put RMG in the mid to tank and all your single target dps.

Personally I am using RMG, Sonic (for shatter), AM, Boros, BK and Gyoro, but if you have better units go ahead.

Each attempt gives you some anni coins, and other misc stuff like gold. Killing the boss grants a small reward each time – 100 cake ingredients, 30 Anniversary Coin and 50k gold.

Remember to get all the buffs from quest before doing the boss!

The rewards are nothing fantastic, just LinLin figure for the top 4 and some orange gear shards and gold. HOWEVER if you’re below the Top 10, it’s just useless purple gear shards.


Remember to collect your quests here before you start on anything for the day. Some of the quests can be completed outside of the event too, for example hosting or joining a Home Party, doing CC, arena etc.

Hence it’s a good idea to NOT start doing your dailies as some of the quest might need you to do those, such as replenish gear materials etc. Also do not use Saitama to help with the dailies for this period, do everything manually.

Each NPC can give a total of 7 quests, with the last quest to challenge him as a boss fight (which will give you a nice 20 coins). After which, a new NPC will appear with more quests! (there’s a limit because they started to disappear after I completed them all). UPDATE: The quests refreshes daily, but you only get 3 NPCs (instead of 5 on day1) that don’t respawn after completion.

The thing is you can’t preview all the available quests, so you can’t know what to ‘save’ for, but here’s a list of quests that I’ve encountered.

  • Clear Main Story Stage (Normal) 5x
  • Clear Main Story Stage (Heroic) 5x
  • Clear CC x1
  • Participate Party Game (Normal) 5x
  • Participate Party Game (Heroic) 5x
  • Participate Party Game (Boss) 5x
  • Replenish Gear Materials 1x
  • Replenish Research Materials 1x
  • Compete in Arena 1x
  • Host/join a Home party 1x
  • Complete Home Request 1x
  • Complete in Extreme Training 1x
  • Consume 60 stamina
  • Consume 60 vit
  • Compete in Tournament 1x
  • Win Boss Challenge 1x
  • Make 2 cakes
  • Buy item from mall
  • Buy item from event shop
  • Perform Elite Recruitment 1x

As you complete quests, you get to select certain buffs, which I believe will affect your event performance for boss and stages.

Party Supply

Exchange shop! Not very fantastic rewards to be honest, it could just have been a normal monthly event.

Of course, get all the BTs and BS first, then the ascend and parts supply tickets.

The KS is for LinLin or Blue Fire, so just skip.

Red Packet Rain

Stay online during those times and get some free (useless) red packets.

You also get some free shopping tickets via the giveaway, but you can buy more if you want to at 88 gems each.

Do use your free tickets AFTER 8pm because that’s when the rare reward appears. You can continue to save up your tickets for the new draw if you don’t like that day’s rare gift, but of course use everything by the last day.

  • 16 – 999gems (3 max)
  • 17 – 4 omnishards (3 max)
  • 18 – 5 BTs (3 max) – Def aim for this one! I managed to get it only once

Benefits Giveaway

Anniversary Memorial

Mall Packs

There are some nice mall packs for you to buy with gems, definitely get them if you have enough gems!

You can get 10 BTs and 9 SAC ! Definitely get the BTs one. For SACs, if you are in urgent need then get it. Some argue that spending on ascend tickets during SAC Rate-up event is better but those are not guaranteed; it’s a gamble to get 0 to 6 SACs within 6 ticket pulls.

Special Anniversary LSSR

There is a special comeback banner for 4 old LSSRs – namely Boros, KING, MK and SF. The max draw is 120 BT, so you can choose any from the 4 once you hit 120 pulls.

Unfortunately Metal Bat is not inside unlike CN, I think it’s because the devs don’t want to anger people who spent money to get him, so he remains an exclusively pay-to-get hero.

Basically they’re all out of meta except Boros for PVE, and you should have gotten him in the previous backup stick already (if you wanted him). I would suggest saving your BTs for upcoming LSSRs instead of pulling this banner.

Their KS also releases in the mall from 12-15 June, which is most probably using funds or money. Again, only Boros KS is useful here if you want to buy; skip the rest.

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