OPMTS Version Patch Notes

16 Sep 2021 Maintenance, 13:00 (GMT+8). Estimated 7hrs.

  • NEW Content: Endless Battle Zone (Separate guide to be updated soon)
  • Club Competition – Chief and Deputy Chief and adjust Guardians before 5AM on competition day. (Guardians will obtain random buffs)
  • Saitama’s Aid will now include Emblem Supply
  • Players with Level <=39 will get 1 free Reversion chance every day (this is good because at the start you have no choice but to level with what you have, and when you start getting the better SSRs you can reverse and shift materials to them)
  • Claim All button now added to Hero Backup Quest
  • You can renew 2-week bonus on the last day of your active period << not sure what this means
  • Training Center – Time-limited packs will be available for 12hrs (except Lv20 packs). << Not sure how long it lasted previously
  • You can now share Arena battle videos to World and Club channel
  • For those who are affected by server merges (which is like everyone):
    • Remember to save at least 1 arena chance for after maintenance to get back your ranking
    • Extreme Training resets after merge so definitely do it before the merge and get free extra training again after
    • 7-day merge login event with various rewards including 9 free club boss tickets

Server Merges

  • S1-2
  • S3-5
  • S6-8
  • S9-11
  • S15-20
  • S21-28
  • S29-36
  • S37-46
  • S47-54
  • S55-66
  • S67-76
  • S77-86
  • S87-96
  • S97-104
  • S105-116
  • S117-126
  • S127-136
  • S137-148
  • S149-160
  • S161-172
  • S173-185
  • S186-195
  • S196-203
  • S204-213
  • S214-223
  • S224-232
  • S233-241
  • S242-254
  • S255-259
  • S260-265
  • S266-273
  • S274-280
  • S281-286
  • S287-293
  • S294-298
  • S299-304
  • S305-310
  • S311-316
  • S317-322
  • S323-328
  • S350-352
  • S353-355
  • S356-358
  • S359-361
  • S362-364
  • S365-367
  • S368-370
  • S371-373
  • S374-376
  • S377-379
  • S380-382
  • S383-385
  • S386-388
  • S389-391
  • The entrance of original servers will remain unchanged after data sharing. You can still log in through the original entrance. Choose different entrances to log in with different characters.
  • Money and items owned by the original character will remain unchanged after data sharing.
  • In case that several characters might have the same name after data sharing, the system will automatically add a special mark after these names. And these characters will directly get 1 free chance to change the name.
  • In case that several Clubs might have the same name after data sharing, the system will automatically add a special mark after these Club names. The Club chief will receive an in-game mail with Gems for name changing.
  • After server merge, leaderboards of certain features will be affected.
  • After server merge, ranking of BP, Stage, the Strongest Character, Club, Tournament, Core Trial clearance and Home Achievement will be automatically updated according to the server data after merging.
  • Ranking of Club Challenge progress, Daily Challenges, Institute of Genetics progress will be updated after new challenges. Note: Your current Tier in Association Arena will be saved. However, your ranking will be reset, please challenge again.
  • For data security, we will temporarily shut down Club Contest on related servers at 5:00 (GMT+8) on 25/7. The registration will be closed in the meantime and will be back to normal after data sharing is finished.

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