OPMTS Version Patch Notes

28 Oct 2021 Maintenance, 13:00 (GMT+8). Estimated 4hrs.

  • Saitama Memory Upgrade – Now available for Lv100 and above players who have fused all memories.
  • New characters in Extreme Training – TT/AS/G4/Geryu/Heavy Tank Loincloth/Bushidoriru/Magicman/Bakuzan/Choze/LinLin
  • HxM Cycle 8 finally opens !!!
  • Group 14 Home Figurine activated
  • You can share gear and buff gear in chat
  • More stages in Mirage Trial (Stable and Wild)
  • SR Tank-Top Vegan now available in Elite and Epic recruitment pool
  • Psykos and Bomb parts now added to Home Request rewards
  • Rate of Orange Gear increased in Mall
  • Claim all button in Training Center Expedition (finally)
  • Server grouping of Club Competition and Resist Invasion will be adjusted
    • For server data security, we will temporarily shut down following gameplays:
      • 1. Club Competition of all servers will be closed since 15:00 on 24/10.
      • 2. Players won’t be able to challenge Resist Invasion since 0:00 on 28/10.
    • After grouping of Club Competition is finished, schedule of all servers will be initialized. Players will need to register again. Players (Lv.60 and above) will receive reimbursement when maintenance ends.
    • Resist Invasion cannot be challenged since 0:00 on 28/10. This feature will be back to normal after maintenance ends.
    • Affected servers: All servers
  • Skill adjustments:
    • Flashy Flash – Ult: Tenacity 7% (max 42%) for every foe slower > 60% (65% with KS)
    • Phoenix Man –
      • Ult: Burn DoT dmg 100% > 20% Max HP (25% with KS)
      • Extreme passive – Permanently doubles his SPD after triggering Reborn for the first time

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