DISCLAIMER: This guide is more for F2P players with limited BTs. Going forward, I will give insights on why the unit is good or bad, so that you can make your own informed decision. Due to everyone’s own unique line-up, BT count, situation, new units and constantly changing meta, I will NOT be advising on pulling or not.

  • All the SSR+s are strong in their own way. It’s a matter of which one you have to prioritize as an F2P
  • There is a different drawing mechanism. Here’s a guide on how that works!
  • As an F2P, it is too expensive to Awaken Passive 2 any SSR+, I would recommend you pull multiple good SSR+ units than to AWK2 one SSR+. However, it depends on your situation and if a particular unit is very good, so if you want to please go ahead. Do note you can continue doing so on the comeback banner if not enough BT (although not as ideal).


Basic: Deal 4 consecutive strikes to a single target, dealing 120% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks all enemies with 5 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 300% ATK. When attacking more than 3 enemies, every additional enemy increases 100% ATK. In the first 5 rounds, has a 100% chance of inflicting [Specialized Stun] on the main target and the characters in the same row for 1 round (Unable to act and permanently decrease ATK by 30%, up to 4 characters can be [Stun/Specialized Stun] at the same time).
Passive: When battle begins, grants himself and the surrounding allies (all allies) [Immunity against Corrode/Specialized Corrode], lasts for 5 rounds (permanently).

Awaken Passive: At the start of the battle, grants 45% chance of [Evade] (Reduce Direct/Extra/Charge/Berserk DMG to 1 DMG). Removes [Combo Follow-up] from the whole enemy team, lasts the whole battle.

DMG ATK 300% > 450%
Additional enemy dmg increase 100% > 150%
Specialized stun to same row > surrounding characters

Extreme Passive:
Immunity to corrode 5 rounds > Permanently

5P Passive:
Immunity to corrode for Himself and surrounding allies > All allies

Awakened 2:
Evade 45% > 60%
Additional effect: After any character acts, for every enemy in [Specialized Stun], increases [Specialized Protection] of all allies by 100% Metal Knight ATK, 3 times per round.

  • [Specialized Stun] is not affected by SSR+ Metal Bat, SSR+ Gouketsu and SSR+ Melzargard
  • [Combo] from SSR+ Deep Sea King and [Ultimate Follow-up] from Cruel Tactic can inflict [Specialized Stun]


Suggested gear:

ATK% gear. Use +SPD if you don’t have a speedster, as you want to move first to stun the enemy.



  • Stun is always good, both for PVE and PVP. Removing up to 4 enemy characters from the round gives you a 6v2 advantage, for 5 rounds!! Compared to Gale Wind, this is way more insane and overpowered
  • The first counter to [Combo Follow-up], which basically renders A2 DSK useless since Follow-up is negated now
  • Not only that, also negates S.Corrode, so it counters both Grori+ and DSK+, for 5 rounds
  • Critical for PVP if you want to be competitive
  • Useful for PVE as well, things like Crescent Tower or Mirage Trials
  • Usable in almost any core, not just DK+


  • If you don’t have a main DPS, then MK+ is not really useful since you’re simply prolonging your death if you are unable to kill the enemy
  • Needs to move first, because if enemy MK+ stuns your MK then it’s as good as not pulling him. Hence your speedster’s SPD needs to be as high as possible
  • DK+ core is already a Hi-Tech, so using another Hi-Tech severely restricts the other units you can use
  • Lots of powerful units upcoming like SSR+Alloy and UR era, so BT is an issue, as always. Choose wisely
  • All the recent units are mostly Heroes, so the hero team might be a little over balanced if you’re pulling every banner and not saving for Monsters side. (DK+, TTM+, WDM+, ZBM+, MK+, Alloy+, PPP+ and UR TT)


If you were there when Gale Wind launched, you knew how annoying and OP he was. Being stunned in live clash was not fun at all. Now with MK+, the stun is increased to 4 units for 5 rounds, it’s a no-brainer pull. Not to mention counters S.Corrode and Combo Follow-up… overall good utility for the current meta.


Yes for the extra stun. (To make the ult cross-shaped to hit 4 units)

Check out the SSR+ guide here!


He asked to be named “Metal Knight”, reasoning that a steel robot silently engages in peace activities like a knight.

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