1 Jul 5AM – 11 Jul 5 Am


Very straightforward event.

  • Clear stages with vit (different stages will give different reward currencies, so clear depending on what you want to exchange) – seems Extreme Boss is the best
  • Clear as many quests as you can
  • Spend currencies (ice-cream, popsicle and sorbet) at shop to exchange for rewards. Priority – BT/BS/Reversion Card/Ascend+Parts Tickets
  • Spend coins in Memories

If you are doing backup stick make sure you allocate some vit to complete those quests too. Use Saitama Intel if required for this event.

Sandy Beach / Amusement Park / Restaurant

The usual spend vit to clear stages – and it’s the only way to reliably farm the currencies for this event.

Sandy Beach (Jul 1-11) – Drops ice-cream + coins
Amusement Park (Jul 3-11) – Drops popsicle + coins
Restaurant (Jul 5-11) – Drops sorbet + coins

There are 3 modes of difficulties for each – Normal, Hard and Extreme

  • Normal (6 vit) – (no completion reward)
    • Normal: 5+ ice-cream, 3 coins, random sorbets+popiscles (35 ice-cream, 8 coins for First time)
    • Heroic: 10+ ice-cream, 4 coins, random popsicles (40 ice-cream, 12 coins for First time)
    • Boss: 15+ ice-cream, 5 coins, random sorbets+popiscles (45 ice-cream, 20 coins for First time)
  • Hard (10 vit) – (completion reward – 140 ice-cream, 80 coins)
    • Normal: 10+ ice-cream, 8 coins, random sorbets+popiscles (60 ice-cream, 10 coins for First time)
    • Heroic: 15+ ice-cream, 9 coins, random popsicles (65 ice-cream, 16 coins for First time)
    • Boss: 20+ ice-cream, 10 coins, random sorbets+popiscles (70 ice-cream, 24 coins for First time)
  • Extreme (12 vit) – (completion mid reward – 160 ice-cream, 100 coins / final reward – 200 ice-cream, 100 coins)
    • Normal: 25+ ice-cream, 10 coins, random sorbets+popiscles (70 ice-cream, 16 coins for First time)
    • Heroic: 25+ ice-cream, 10 coins, random popsicles (80 ice-cream, 22 coins for First time)
    • Boss: 30+ ice-cream, 10 coins, random sorbets+popiscles (90 ice-cream, 30 coins for First time)

The above is excluding any drop bonus, and is based on my limited testing. It should also be the same for the other stages just different currencies. Do let me know if you think some numbers are wrong! It seems that Extreme boss is the best way to grind, but more testing needs to be done.

There’s a drop bonus available if you use certain units, so definitely try to include them!

Summer Store

Do note that there are 3 separate shops – click the tabs on the right to navigate.

No KS this time, but a heck load of useful items.

If you don’t have enough vit, consider converting some from Saitama’s Investigations if you have spare for this event.

Priority List

Must get! (in order of priority)

  • BT x2
  • Reversion Card
  • BS x2
  • Ascend Token x12
  • Parts Token x12

Good to farm if you can afford the vit

  • SSR Omnichest
  • Orange buff gear shards
  • Orange gear shards

If you’re a collector

  • Summer Wars Avatar
  • Summer Wars Badge
  • Summer Wars Chat Box

Leftover/Excess currencies to use up

  • Coins / Battle chips


Here is where you spend your coins to join the lottery. The Top Prize is a cool Class S1 badge that you need for WDM/Genos. This prize is guaranteed within 500 draws. There’s also some other cool stuff like figurine base and SACs, but that’s about it.

Additionally, there are rewards for hitting milestones.


Simply progress on the stages and you will automatically clear most of them. For specific quests like Train Frog Man 20x, simply do that stage 20x if you want , it will open up further Train X quests.

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