OPMTS Flashy Flash


F2P: 100% skip
P2W: Up to you


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Row DPS / Follow-up DPS / Tenacity
Type: Duelist / Hero
Meta Duration: Until Gyoro-Espers meta take over. PVE-wise he might still be useful for certain content (like Hero-only teams) due to his follow-up, especially when paired with AS.


Basic: 2-hit, 120% damage to one foe, and increases Flashy Flash’s SPD by 20% for one round.
Ultimate: 5 hits row attack deal 140% damage and 70% chance to inflict shatter on enemies hit by flash for 2 rounds (Increases damage taken by 30%). For every foe who’s SPD is lower than Flash after the skill is used, gain a 7% HP shield, up to a maximum of 42% HP shield.
Passive: Whenever an enemy takes their turn, and if their SPD is lower than Flashy Flash’s, Flashy Flash will counterattack with 80% damage, up to 3 times per round. Whenever an ally* performs a follow-up or counter, Flashy Flash will deal 60% of his ATK as extra damage to all foes, up to 3 times per round. *Flash himself counts as an ally
Row atk 140% > 170%
Shatter rate 70% > 80%
Increase dmg taken 30% > 35%
HP shield 7% > 10%
Max HP shield 42% > 60%



Suggested gear: Monk (ATK/SPD)



  • He has the potential to deal a lot of damage due to his passive, his passive is what makes him good, provided he has the highest speed. He follows up 3 times for 80% dmg, and also deal AoE 80% dmg whenever there’s a follow-up from his team (including self).
  • His ultimate gives him Tenacity, up to 42% (which you should definitely be aiming to be the highest spd so 42%), which gives him slightly more survivability.
  • Potentially strong and useful in live clash if you have high spd runes and monk gear rune, since it’s easier to outspeed everyone there, and follow-up is pain in live clash.
  • Potentially useful in certain PvE situations due to his passive, especially when paired with AS or BK.


  • He is damn expensive to invest in. For Flashy Flash to work, he needs to absolutely go first, which basically means you’re never going first when going up against a whale. That’s why it’s a 100% skip for F2P because you will never outspeed a whale; they have all their 5* atk spd gear.
  • Going SPD means that there are absolutely no other choices for sub-stats. You don’t have options for other builds. This also means that you can’t put on ATK% to boost his damage, or use a Gangster gear for follow-up because you absolutely need to go first. Going anything other than first will lower his damage potential and utility.
  • Because of the above 2 points, he will have low survivability and low HP, hence you need him to be high stars if you want him to really do work (5* at least).
  • Since he will always be going first, you’re going to waste 2 energy on his ult (for cases you have no control like Arena/Tournament etc), so that reduces the opening options you can have. If you’re running ZBM core, at least you’ll still get 2 energy from his Tenacity via Ult.
  • He doesn’t really have any synergy with other units. Shatter is pretty useless (and it’s on the ult not basic), and his shield is just for himself. Unlike other units like Garou with internal injury that benefits the whole team and ZBM core.
  • Ultimate is Row damage which is pretty meh. Would have been nice if it was AoE.
  • He is a duelist type. This makes it hard for him to fit in the ZBM meta as there’s simply no space for another duelist. If you’re a whale, your line-up probably looks like this:
    • ZBM/Garou/CK/SF/King/ strongest unit (TTM/TT etc)
    • You’re gonna need to remove a non-grappler (King or TT) for him. And when Gouketsu comes out, there’s even less space for Flash


As you can see his cons are already way longer than his pros. It’s not that he’s bad, it’s just that BTs and funds are limited, and there are better LSSRs out there. Of course if you’re a whale, do anything you like. However if you would like to be efficient with your money as well, I suggest skipping him, or you can just get him for the figurine + Live Clash.

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Flashy Flash is the first S-Class hero shown to defeat a categorized Dragon-level Mysterious Being on his own, given that Melzargard was defeated by the combined efforts of Bang, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai, and Puri-Puri Prisoner, and every other Dragon-level monster prior was defeated by Saitama. He is also the former top ninja of the 44th graduating class of the village that Speed-o’-Sound Sonic hails from.

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