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Hey guys! KING’s comeback is confirmed, and this post is going to be talking around that context, not the very first KING banner. The meta is a little different now that ZBM is out, and the upcoming LSSRs are OP, but KING still has his uses.

Just remember to buy all 36 BTs (hopefully they put them in, if not it’s going to be another 1* rating saga).


F2P: Skip
Dolphin: Skip
Whale: If you rich, pull if you don’t have him, or if you need to 5*


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Healer, AoE DPS
Type: Esper / Hero
Meta Duration: Maybe a few months and phase off during the Garou/Gouketsu meta, but may return for initial Gyoro core


Basic: King gazes at a single target with his King Face technique, afflicting Shatter for 2 rounds (dmg received increases by 30%) and heals you for 80% ATK HP.
Ultimate: King stands in the middle of the battlefield and threatens all enemies. It will inflict Fear to the enemy (seals 2 energy for 1 round, the highest value source will prevail). In addition, heals your team for 50% ATK HP.
Passive: When taking action, deals 20% ATK as extra dmg to affected enemies, increased by 20% for every 1 energy you have, dealing up to 120% of ATK as extra dmg.
Heal 50% of atk > 65%

ATK 20% > 25%
Increased ATK for every energy 20% > 25%
Capped at 120% > 175%


Suggested gear:
Knight/Swordsman –  ATK/ATK%/SPD
You can use Monk if you’re trying to go for maximum SPD1


OPM The Strongest King

Honestly at this stage in the game, it’s very hard to justify pulling KING, especially with all the upcoming LSSRs that are so overpowered. In short, KING is slowly going out of meta. HOWEVER, that’s not to say he is useless – in fact he comes with a lot of uses that I’m going to lay down here.


Put it simply, KING gives you a lot of versatility.

Firstly, he is a Hero Esper. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of Espers are on the monster side (Boros, Groribas, VM, Geryu, Mel, Gyoro, Phoenix Man, and Scarlet MG).

Basically if you don’t have TT, your only Hero Esper left is HB, and your next powerful Hero Esper is Awakened TT which is still a long way.

Now, not that it matters a lot since Hero team now has ZBM core, but what I’m trying to say is KING gives you options.

He is a great support, as he does an AoE heal, which complements ZBM’s heals.

Along with that AoE heal comes AoE damage, and it’s massive if you 5* him and have the right gear.

His attack pierces shields (as it is Extra DMG), so he is actually a partial counter for the current meta (Tenacity).

And along with that AoE dmg, he does a 2 energy seal on the enemy team, which can screw up their ult order real bad. If you play enough Live Clash, you know how precious 2 energy can be each round, a thin line between a win and a loss. The next energy seal is Watchdogman, which is a long way to go.

He is currently the only Hero unit that does Shatter on basic attack (and even heals himself for 80%), and has the potential for a super high dmg basic depending on the energy stored due to his passive.

If you have him, you will unlock him on Live Clash, and currently he’s one of the best units for LC due to energy block, plus he dishes a heck load of dmg due to ZBM core (internal injury +ult dmg), and Dr Genus passive. If you take a look at the top 20 in Live Clash now, you will almost always see a KING in their lineup.

Currently also used in some Boros Club Boss lineups, where he acts as a Shatterer and backup heals, and also for the Esper slot for Boros’s (player) increased ult dmg.

May potentially see it come back into the meta at the start of Gyoro release (when Phoenixman/Awakened TT/Scarlet MG is not out yet) as part of the Esper team.


Going out of meta soon, as more LSSR units get released to complement ZBM’s core, such as Garou and Gouketsu. (though it may complement Gyoro meta).

Needs to be 5* to deal competitive dmg, otherwise he is not worth it. Therefore, expensive to level.

Not super useful for PvE, especially if you don’t need the heals or energy seal. Usually TT is better due to injury.


Don’t bother, his keepsake is not worth getting. All it does is increase the heals from 50% to 65%.

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


That King’s damage is not affected by crit/crit damage, because his damage is under ‘Extra Damage’ due to his passive. Yes he can crit, but he “crits” for 1 dmg because Extra Damage cannot crit. His basic attacks and ultimate also deals no damage on its own (no ATK% scaling), but the damage comes from his passive, making DMG Rate useless on him as well!

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