OPMTS Version Patch Notes

25 Feb 2021 Maintenance, 13:00 (GMT+8). Estimated 7hrs.


  • NEW MODE – Training Center (click here to read more)
  • Awakening and Limit break requirements are adjusted based on requirements of Training Center
  • Saitama’s Aid – Lv73 and above; Helps you finish daily gameplay quickly with the corresponding rewards, basically a sweep all. Watch the vid below to understand better
  • Server Merges – Those affected will get “Server Merge Quests” which include lots of rewards and a load of club tokens. Use this rare chance to plan out an all-out attack on Boros with your club, or even with other clubs.

Server Merges (27 groups)

  • S127, S128, S129
  • S130, S131, S132
  • S135, S136
  • S137, S138, S139
  • S140, S141, S142
  • S147, S148
  • S149, S150, S151
  • S152, S153, S154
  • S155, S156
  • S163, S164, S165, S166
  • S167, S168, S169
  • S170, S171, S172
  • S173, S174, S175, S176
  • S179, S180, S181, S182
  • S183, S184, S185
  • S186, S187, S188
  • S189, S190
  • S191, S192
  • S193, S194, S195
  • S196, S197
  • S198, S199
  • S200, S201
  • S202, S203
  • S205, S206, S207, S208
  • S214, S215, S216, S217
  • S218, S219, S220
  • S221, S222, S223
  • The entrance of original servers will remain unchanged after data sharing. You can still log in through the original entrance. Choose different entrances to log in with different characters.
  • Money and items owned by the original character will remain unchanged after data sharing.
  • In case that several characters might have the same name after data sharing, the system will automatically add a special mark after these names. And these characters will directly get 1 free chance to change the name.
  • In case that several Clubs might have the same name after data sharing, the system will automatically add a special mark after these Club names. The Club chief will receive an in-game mail with Gems for name changing.
  • After server merge, leaderboards of certain features will be affected.
  • After server merge, ranking of BP, Stage, the Strongest Character, Club, Tournament, Core Trial clearance and Home Achievement will be automatically updated according to the server data after merging.
  • Ranking of Club Challenge progress, Daily Challenges, Institute of Genetics progress will be updated after new challenges. Note: Your current Tier in Association Arena will be saved. However, your ranking will be reset, please challenge again.
  • For data security, we will temporarily shut down Club Contest on related servers at 5:00 (GMT+8) on 21/2. The registration will be closed in the meantime and will be back to normal after data sharing is finished.

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