4 Mar 5AM – 14 Mar 5AM

All event tokens will be removed from bag after the event and converted into coins.


F2P: Do enough just to buy all the BT, BS and SAC. If you have more leftover or don’t mind spending vit (you can convert some from Saitama Investigations!), you can also get Ascend/Parts tokens and the Lv3 DMG/Supp Sigils.

If you’re a collector then of course aim for the frame and character frame.

Spring Stage

It’s the usual spend vit to clear stages mode. There are 3 difficulties – Normal, Hard and Extreme. There are also 2 types of stages – Sakura Street and Willow Lakeside (opens 8 Mar), each offering a different currency.

Sakura Street- Sakura
Willow Lakeside – Willow

Do take note of the character bonus to get extra drops.

Spring Shop

In the shop is where you spend your Sakuras and Willows, do note that each currency has it’s own “shop” – you have to select the tab on the right side.

The chest SR KS is Lin Lin or Genos, so nothing much here, easy skip. Lin Lin is mostly used for her passive, and for Genos you can’t use it for SSR Genos so don’t bother.

Awakening Fragment is useless so don’t buy this.

If you don’t have enough vit, consider converting some from Saitama’s Investigations if you have spare.

Priority List

Must get!

  • BT
  • BS
  • SAC

Not too bad but not a must

  • Ascend Supply token
  • Parts Supply token
  • SUP Sigil Chest III
  • DMG Sigil Chest III

If you’re a collector

  • Spring Avatar Frame
  • Spring Character Frame

Leftover/Excess currencies to use up

  • Battle Chips
  • Skill books
  • Power Chest

Spring Memorial

Here is where you spend your currency Kite.

For every 20 kites you can ‘spin’ once in the lucky draw. If you’re low on reversion cards, this is a good time to try and get it.

At various intervals you also get various rewards (50x, 80x, 120x etc) – see the flower pots at the bottom.

You should be able to hit the 50x easily, which will get you a nice collector’s Spring Chat bubble. And honestly that’s all you need. The only good higher rewards are orange gear shards (160x and 200x), which is not attractive enough to spend that much.

Spring Quests

Lastly remember to do all your quests. I’m not sure if there will be any hidden quests with good rewards but as of now they just provide more currencies for you to spend at shop.

You’ll want to spread the daily quests out wisely so you can complete them everyday. Eg if you’ve already exchanged twice in the shop, save your purchases for the next day so you can complete the 2x purchase again. The same goes for the Draw Memorial 10x. Don’t draw everything on the first day (where you will get the most currencies due to first time clears) and have nothing to draw over the next 9 days.

EDIT: For those asking about why they’re not getting credit for clearance, you need to do it on AUTO, AND do not touch the ults buttons at all. Even if you have it on auto but manually control the ults, it will not count as a perfect clearance.

Just set it once at the start, leave the fight (no vit will be consumed), and restart the match. (credits u/bombadeers).

You also cannot have any deaths.

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