UR King (Esper/Hero) [Class S2]

Basic: Threaten single target, causing target to [Break] for 2 rounds (decrease 20% DMG Rate), recover 20% ATK of HP
Ultimate: Heals all allies by King’s 150% Max HP , grants allies in the same row [Specialized Berserk] (First strike deals Berserk DMG by 50% of King’s Max HP, with a chance of Crit, consumes 150 points of Energy Gauge for every enemy hit), lasts for 1 round

Passive:¬†When battle begins, allies in the same row obtain 3 rounds of [Overflow Recovery] (Excess HP from Heal and Drain turns into equivalent amount of [Life Shield], accumulated DMG removed willl not be more than 20x of his Original HP). Heals by 450% of King’s Max HP. Before any character acts, remove [Paralysis] from himself and allies in the same row.

Awaken Passive: After any ally acts, King and allies in the same row perform [Combo Follow-up] (100% DMG and 100% effect of Ultimate skill, random targets, not affected by Hit/Res), once per round. Allies in the same row share 50% Direct DMG with King. Shared DMG is reduced by 50%, cannot share DMG when HP is below 30%

Healing – additional 100% Max HP of [Specialized Guard]
Same row > All allies
Berserk DMG 50% > 150%
Consumes Energy Gauge 150 > 100

Extreme Passive:
Heals 450% > 600%
Before actions – removes Adhesion from himself and all allies in the same row

5P Passive:
Overflow recovery 3 rounds > 5 rounds

Awakened 2:
Combo Follow-up DMG 100% > 150%
Perform Combo Follow-up once in first round > twice in first round
Allies same row share DMG 50% > 60%
Shared DMG reduction 50% > 80%

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