OPMTS New Spring CNY

Phase 1: 5 Feb – 12 Feb (5AM) – Dragon Dance (Boss challenge)
Phase 2: 12 Feb – 19 Feb (5AM) – Spring Challenge (Boss stages), Greetings (Home visitors)
Running Throughout: Fortune Wishes (Mall Exchange), Spring Quest (BK mini backup stick)

All event tokens will be removed from bag after the event.


F2P: It’s a crap event, SKIP!

We have the latest event for Chinese New Year called New Spring, and right off the bat it’s pretty terrible. Read on to find out!

Credits to Mikha for certain info

Fortune Wishes

You have the usual spend currency to draw stuff only this time you can choose which core you want. HOWEVER I can’t preview the core selection for Tier2 and above, meaning we have zero idea right now what are the possible good rewards or KS. As of now, there’s no KS reward that are non-core.

If you know OPM Event’s rates, you know that you will probably be stuck at Tier1 for the whole event anyways, soooooo don’t waste your vit on this event. Trash rewards.

Spring Quest

This is like a mini back-up stick thingy, you can just ignore if you’re F2P, or you just want to buy the BK costume for fun, which imo looks pretty nice.

For those who bought the BK costume, achieve your highest dmg possible on TT boss and keep sweeping until you go bankrupt as the rankings go by accumulated dmg. For reward cost calculations, even if you spent money and you did everything you could in the event, you still have to spend 6800 gems on top of everything you did to buy levels to max out the CNY back-up stick to get all 6 BK costume photos. (This is relatively cheap for whales to get that extra 1% HP bonus from the costume).

Dragon Dance

At launch, only 3 bosses are available, as the other 3 bosses are locked, and each boss will drop a specific dragon dance coin to unlock puzzle pieces similar to memories. The rewards are just wish tokens which you can use in the shop but it’s not worth the effort.

In this mode, you attack a boss and pit yourself against your server and other servers on the highest accumulated damage (I counted 3 other cross servers for my side).

The rewards are pretty lousy. The New Spring badge is cool though if you’re a cosmetic collector. However do note only rank 1-20 will have it permanently. The rest of the badges will only last for 14 days – no idea why they like to do this time limit thing, they should just let players get event exclusive items so they can be proud and show off and hence continue staying in the game.

There’s also a “Lucky Shop” in this mode where you can buy certain stuff with gems, and you can unlock ‘better’ rewards based on your total damage. It seems the store refreshes daily so rewards will be constantly changing.

If you’re aiming for these rewards, the current best boss to hit is TT. Use the club boss Boros LU, turn off ZM ult to deal high injury throughout the battle. If you need the AoE heals to survive TT AoE, then better off hitting Sonic boss.

Remember to use the bonus damage and bonus loot tokens (from Spring Quest) before hitting the boss.

F2Ps can hit the boss once and skip.

Do note this event only lasts for phase 1 (about 6 days!) so not a lot of time.

Spring Challenge (opening on 12 Feb)

There will be 40 boss stages here, increasing in difficulty and each boss with their own unique trait. It’s probably similar to the snow season Cable car boss mode. If that’s the case then this mode is worth doing since it will probably not cost anything.

Drops: Red packet, Wish token

Greetings (opening on 12 Feb)

Visitors will randomly appear at Home, here’s where you use the Red Packets (obtained from Spring Challenge) to gift them, probably to get more Wish Tokens and stuff.

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