OPMTS Version Patch Notes

29 Apr 2021 Maintenance, 13:00 (GMT+8). Estimated 6hrs.


  • NEW MODE – Resist Invasion (more info here)
  • NEW Gear sets
    • Gunner (Upgraded Prisoner): Triggering a critical hit increases all types of damage by 15% and your ATK increases by 8%.
    • Magic (Upgraded Scholar): Triggering a block restores HP equal to 10% of damage taken and your HP increases by 8%.
    • Flash (Upgraded Monk): Increase Drain Rate (Lifesteal) by 10%, and increase the speed by 10%
  • Psykos Core items available in Core Trial – Points Exchange
  • SR Lin Lin now available in Elite and Epic recruitment
  • Sweeping for Evolution materials will stop automatically if you have collected enough items

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