treasure hunt


  • Search zones to get Treasure Maps
  • Play club mini-games for more searching cards
  • Search more zones
  • Exchange Treasure Maps for rewards


  • There are 3 zones, Class-B chest, Class-A chest and Class-S chest (left to right respectively)
  • At each zone you’ll want to search the area for Treasure Maps and other materials
    • Treasure maps are used for exchanging items at Vault
    • Better chest = more chance for more treasure maps
  • How to search? You can search by either Free chances, Searching cards or Gems
    • Free chances
      • Cooldowns: Zone B-3h, Zone A-4h, Zone S-6h
      • Stacks up to 5x
    • Searching cards
      • Obtained from daily login reward, treasure hunt packs, and club mini games
      • Higher mini-game scores give better searching card so play your best!
      • Don’t forget to claim your free daily RND pack!
    • Gems
      • You can spend your gems to search if desperate or you have a lot of gems. Not recommended for F2Ps
    • There are Treasure Hunt Packs available for sale (gems, cash or funds), so up to you if you want to spend


  • Whenever you search the area (either by Free chances, searching cards or gems), you get points
    • B – 1 pt
    • A – 2 pt
    • S – 3 pt
    • These points determine the vault tier you can unlock
      • Vault 1 – open by default
      • Vault 2 – Need 200 points to unlock
      • Vault 3 – Need 350 points to unlock


Honestly I would just save up for the Sigil Chest VII but only if you really intend to go all in for it, costing a crazy 1800.

Otherwise if you’re going to be casual in this event, you can just get omnishard chests, tactic vouchers and supply tokens.

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